Relationships die hard, don’t they?

RHOA star Kenya Moore’s ex boyfriend has been prancing around with his new boo, and we can’t imagine it’s sitting well with the ‘gone with the wind fabulous’ diva.

Matt Jordan is speaking out about their whole relationship, revealing that he let the ‘abusive boyfriend thing’ play out, and now he wants her to stop lying. Yikes:

23 thoughts on “‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Matt Jordan Speaks Out Against Kenya Moore

  1. PORCELAIN on said:

    I wish she would find some happiness, before dirt is poured onto her casket. She deserves some happiness and I pray she seeks help for her pin up pain.

  2. leadjustone on said:

    When you are rejected by the one person who is supposed to love you unconditionally; it does some serious damage. Hurt people hurt people. Some people are able to make the best of it and live full, happy lives. Others live in bitterness. This seems to be the path Kenya has followed. She has shown herself to be rude, hateful, and mean spirited. No amount of make-up can cover up the ugliness inside. Million dollar face; bankrupt soul. In need of some serious therapy.

  3. KatieK on said:

    I agree, Kenya has some mental health, insecurity, and inability to tell the truth issues. She needs to work on herself, until she fessed up she will continue to have relationship issues, not only with men but whomever she comes in contact with. Remember, it’s not all about you.

  4. I think she’s beautiful, but looks have nothing to do with it! Her mother wasn’t in her life. That’s a serious problem for a young woman. I believe she could’ve been married and happy by now. I think she should get therapy to deal with her childhood issues and try to heal so she can attract the right kind of man.

  5. Cassandra on said:

    Matt, you apologized to Kenya on the show. Didn’t you take her meet your family. Boy bye. What is his occupation? Kenya was stupid for dating the funny looking clown. News flash Matt – you can’t buy your way into the other ladies on the show world.

  6. Sounds like he still loves her. Give love a second chance if that what you guys want. If the relationship was made for television, that’s a whole other story.

  7. Ms. Kim on said:

    They’ve always needed a different titled, Maybe “Some of us are married housewives?” OR in this case now only one of us is a married woman and everybody else aint? all these housewives shows are with the bull shit, nobody is really happily married! candy is a dumb want to be housewife waay too bad.

  8. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    You all are watching her and she isn’t watching you all. – This should be the motto for all of these ignorant so called reality tv shows. Shame how people sell themselves out on tv to look like idiots. These shows are a waste what could you possibly get out of watching this or any other show like this!

  9. ButterPecan on said:

    This woman has some severe mental illness! She must be on some serious medication. BRAVO needs to get her some help instead of paying her to act a fool! They made Porsha go to Anger Management! They should offer Kenya some psychiatric therapy!

  10. Robert Gillum on said:

    Some big you on here believe anything you read in the media. Stop being stupid and spend your time build your brand. You all are watching her and she isn’t watching you all. We hate to much on each other instead of building each other up. She is doing something better, because you all are on here talking about her. Remember if it doesn’t matter use your time doing something else.

  11. Shirley on said:

    Still can’t figure out why she’s on there other than to start s**t and cry victim. Not a wife, never going to be a wife, never going to be a mother. She couldn’t take care of that dog she always toted around that got hit by a car. Poor doggie. A legend in her own mind.

  12. From what I saw on RHOA Matt seemed to be a very nice guy. I didn’t believe that he was abusive.
    However, dealing with Ms. Moore could make anyone SNAPOUT and SMACK HER UPSIDE HER STUPID HEAD!!!!!!!

    Kenya is a Piece of Work with serious ISSUES!!!!!!
    Good luck with your new lady, Matt!!!!!!!

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