A Pennsylvania mother killed her 17-month son and sent a video of his body with laughing emojis to the baby’s father.

According to the Post Gazette, on Tuesday night over a series of text messages, Christian Clark fought with her boyfriend Andre Price Jr., and threatened to kill both her son and daughter. Police said Clark was upset because she thought Price was sleeping with another woman.

Ya kids ain’t safe here I don’t want them here” and “I’m killing them,” the 21-year-old wrote in one message.

Another read: “They’ll blame you for leaving them with me lol they talk about how I have issues & needed help & ya son wont even be remembered now that is actually sad.”

Later, Clark sent Price a picture of their daughter lying on a bed with her face covered with a pillow. Then came a photo of a boy lying face down in a comforter–Clark smothered her son to death, say criminal complaint documents. 

Next, Clark texted Price: “I don’t love them” and “First of all she is clearly fine, because watch, see she is not dead. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance.”

Sadly, Price didn’t respond to many of the threatening text messages even when Clark wrote Answer me or im going to jail for child endangerment.” When he responded at 10:30pm he wrote: I’m just not going to reply no more if you wanna go to jail you know what to do.

At 11pm, the little boy was found unresponsive and died later that night at the hospital. The daughter survived the attack.

Police later arrested Clark, who admitted to smothering her son, and charged her with criminal homicide. Clark said she regretted her actions and that she just “snapped.”

Just horrible.

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