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Some pretty nasty comments are being made about Prince Harry‘s new girlfriend Meghan Markle. But how surprised are we really?

The world got a kick out of learning the Prince was dating a Black actress, but it seems not everybody approves of their reported union. Instead of celebrating, the British press is making attempts to smear Markle’s good name by playing up the usual stereotypes that unfortunately come along with being Black.

Just yesterday, the Daily Mail published an “exclusive” article that all but said Markle is a ghetto Black girl getting a free ride out of Compton. The article is quite literally titled, “EXCLUSIVE: Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton: Gang-scarred home of her mother revealed – so will he be dropping by for tea?”

Prince Harry Visits Nottingham

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The site attempts to fasten Markle to a “crime and street gang”-riddled area of L.A. by pointing out her mom still lives in their old neighborhood, adding “Crenshaw has endured 47 crimes in the past week.” What that has to do with Toronto-based Markle – unless she somehow committed any or all of those crimes – we have no idea.

Daily Mail continues:

But social worker Ragland might now find herself welcoming a royal guest to downtrodden Crenshaw after Prince Harry was revealed to be dating her daughter – Suits actress Meghan Markle. Markle, 35, is now based in Toronto, Canada, but her mother remains in LA and moved to her modest green-painted home five years ago after the death of her own father, Alvin, in 2011. 

Markle was brought up in a large yellow-colored detached home in central Los Angeles, while her rumored royal boyfriend spent much of his childhood between Kensington Palace and Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire mansion, Highgrove. But Harry’s literally palatial homes couldn’t be more different from the tatty one-storey homes that dominate much of Crenshaw.

And while there have been a total of 21 crimes in the immediate area around Highgrove over the past 12 months, 47 have taken place in Crenshaw in the last week alone – including murder and robbery.

The Guardian has also called attention to the British press’ natural skill for making Markle seem less than the appropriate date for a royal, writing in this article:

The British press have a different approach. They have made it clear that her relationship with Harry is scandalous, for a number of reasons: she is divorced; she is older (Markle is 35, Harry 32); she’s played raunchy scenes in the US TV series Suits – and her mother is visibly black, with dreadlocks.

Honestly, we expected as much – we just thought they’d be a lot less tacky about it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, The Guardian | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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10 thoughts on “WOW! British Press Attacks Prince Harry’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Girlfriend And ‘Visibly Black Mom’

  1. Kooley on said:

    It never seems to amaze me how rude and idiotic people are, especially ones that are not culturally competent. When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married it was so AMAZING. The fact that Prince Harry is marrying a black woman SHOULD not make any other impression. Other race scam and rob all the time. To think people broadcast on the news all the time racism does not exist. CLEARLY IT DOES. Congratulations to the new engagement!

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    She doesnt live or identify as black yet black women “claim” her as their own. Rachel Dolezal is dying to be black, lives and dates black– yet black women shun and ridicule her… You H0es are cRaZy!!!!

  3. Being first out of Africa, God gave us the best and all the rest have been chasing after it ever since using every negative, bigoted, discriminatory and oppressive mean that they could possibly use. No matter how they spin it – – white women want what we have and white men are chasing after what we got!!

  4. politically correct on said:

    WHite people are just mad because he is not in love with a white girl. Let’s face it , black women are much prettier

  5. OK Harry go get you one of them back woods ridge running barefoot Appalachian girls….that will send them into cardiac arrest

  6. Ms Kim on said:


    • Angietangie on said:

      Omg Kim I so agree with you. She is a beautiful black sistah from Compton. Ok and….I bet you princess Diana would have approved. Race did not play a factor in her book. Harry is a grown man if that is who he wants to be with then go for it HARRY. Maybe he do not want a becky!!!!!! Now the queen may not approve but oh well, she’ll probably threatened to cut her off if he marry her. Ok we’ll see. Stay tuned and do it girlllllllllll…

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