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In this March 26, 2016 photo, Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson chats with campaign volunteers before canvassing in Baltimore. Mckesson is known on the national stage for his role in Black Lives Matter, but he's struggling as he campaigns for mayor in his hometown. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson has announced publicly that he is backing Hillary Clinton for president.

In an op-ed with The Washington Post, DeRay explained his reasoning, even citing Shirley Chisholm, social injustice, his fight in cities like St. Louis and Baltimore, the end of the federal government’s “Equitable Sharing Program,” and more.

McKesson notes that: “I agree with Clinton more than I disagree with her.”

Below is an excerpt from his op-ed.

The unrest and activism over the last two years has undoubtedly pushed Clinton, specifically on key issues that she and other Democrats otherwise would not have addressed as forcefully as the party’s platform does: private prisons, an increased minimum wage, the role of institutional and implicit bias in sustaining unjust systems and acknowledging the need to address racism directly, to name a few.

Clinton’s platform on racial justice is strong: It is informed by the policy failings of the past and is a vision for where we need to go.

He warned against people voting for Donald Trump in the hopes that his administration brings a “productive apocalypse.”

I often hear some of my peers say that they may not vote, that a Donald Trump presidency would bring about a productive apocalypse — that the system would grind to a halt and force us to confront everything that is wrong with the system. But we know that the system will not come to a grinding halt; it never has. In a Trump administration, the system would surely grind us, Black and Brown folks, even more than it already does.

Last Friday Clinton had a meeting with Mckesson and Brittany Packnett, who is another Black Lives Matter activist who has also endorsed Clinton.

You can read McKesson’s full write-up here.

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10 thoughts on “#BLM Activist Deray Mckesson Endorses Hillary Clinton

  1. common on said:

    Do your homework, watch Hillary’s youtube videos especially the one when she admits to being a Barry Goldwater girl, do you know who was Barry Goldwater? at least Trump is going after the root of America’s problem (Washington) and its cash cow politicians, Hillary dare not talk against the problems plaguing our government because she is a protector of its corruption. Hillary is in a controlled environment, Trump will not be controlled by the goons in Washington, they are going to be ousted we deserve better, Trump is going to offer many opportunities to get a REAL piece of the rock.

  2. This is the kind of civil behavior we can expect from our community, when Trumps instills law and order back in our society. For too long we have at the mercy of criminals and fearful to say or do anything. No snitchin’ anybody? Trump and Sherriff Clarke don’t play that Shigiddy. If you want 4 more years of the lawlessness that obama has fostered, be my guest. If you want change, REAL change, not just a BS slogan of HOPE, vote TRUMP. Your educated neighbors are.

  3. The Truth on said:

    When Mr. Trump cut a lot of the Government programs for those who really need you will feel his Wrath. Cutting Food Stamps and Disability and Social Security checks and CHILD Care programs. You SEE just how much he Cares about the Unfortunate. He talk a Real Good Game like most Con Artist.You,know his history and his track record. You get what you VOTE for..Just remember to explain it to your CHILDREN how did you ALLOW this to happen.

    • True there are some that need those government programs, but most made choices that intentionally put them on the program, because that’s what their mama’s did, and their grandmothers. Free shyt from the government for doing nothing. It’s been our crutch for too long and it’s gonna stop. We might actually have self esteem, responsibility, pride and supportive communities again.
      Explain that to your children. Now get to steppin’, you lazy azz, good for nothing, POS.

    • He’s a POS for doing his job and protecting the security of this Country? I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror for the real POS.

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