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Loni Love

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Comedian Amy Schumer pissed off the collective Black female psyche with her ridiculous parody of Beyonce’s groundbreaking video, ‘Formation.’

The country-themed satirical skit, mixed off beat “twerking,” pigs and port-a-potties with swamp life.

Expectedly, Black Twitter read the standup comedian for filth once the video hit the web, and now Loni Love is adding her two cents to the resounding backlash.

On today’s episode of ‘The Real,’ Love explained that she knows Schumer didn’t mean harm by her skit, but the entire parody undermined what ‘Formation’ meant to Black women and Black people in general.

“When ‘Formation’ came out, we’ve been going through all this civil unrest. People are upset and a lot of black women feel like they’ve been put to the bottom… that they’ve been brushed aside and Beyonce came out and gave them some power,” Love explained.

“I know some people are saying ‘oh, everybody lighten up.’ You don’t understand. We have some issues in this country. We need to get through these issues. And you’ve got to respect their point of view. I’m crying because I can feel their pain.”

**Rases fist and adjusts beret**


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