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Two teenage girls living in Syracuse, New York, were arrested after allegedly attacking a 62-year-old man on video.

Apparently, the elderly man asked a group of teens sitting on his lawn to leave, at which point they became violent and confrontational. One girl is seen punching the victim in the face twice and when he begins to run after her, another spins him around while the others record and laugh in the background.

Two girls, 14 and 15, have been arrested at this time and face third-degree assault charges. One of the girls’ moms is offering her apology to the victim and says her daughter will face the consequences for what she did. The footage has been viewed more than 1 billion times on Facebook.

Click here for more details, plus watch the horrifying footage below.



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9 thoughts on “Teenage Girls Arrested For Attacking 62-Year-Old Man

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    This is absolutely disgusting behavior, there is absolutely no respect for this man and his property. And I know some ignorant azz will say ah they were only sitting on his grass. The key is ITS HIS GRASS HIS PROPERTY. Had he shot and killed one of them in self defense BLM would be all over this. Lock them up and teach them a lesson. Its really disturbing how all the other kids ran off laughing sad mentality to have. These kids never think what if that was their dad or grand parent. Sad.

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      Kates1221 – You dayum straight on that, then we would have to deal with BLM defending ignorant behavior, they surely would have twisted this to: they didnt do anything wrong smdh.

  2. Bailey on said:

    Why on Earth would these degenerates think it is acceptable to harm an elderly person! Little bitches need their ass whooped and taught RESPECT!!!

  3. Young folks today have no RESPECT for their elders!!!!!!!!

    These two POS have not run up against an elderly person such as myself-who would’ve put the FEAR in their IGNORANT ASSES!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder what kind of parents they have?????

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