Weather Channel Meteorologist Jen Delgado is feeling the wrath of social media users who are blasting the reporter for blaming Haiti’s deforestation in part to hungry children eating trees. With many now calling for her termination, Delgado has offered up an apology to save her job.

In a weather report about Hurricane Matthew preparing to hit Haiti hard, Delgado noted that the country suffers from a deforestation problem.

“They take all the trees down, they burn the trees,” and she continued with a curious claim, “Even the kids there, they’re so hungry, they actually eat the trees.”

Haiti’s well documented deforestation problem is actually caused by citizens chopping down trees to use for charcoal, the island’s primary choice for fuel, reports.

Former Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe posted the Weather Channel clip on Facebook writing, “Shame on you!! Jennifer Delgado and #Weather #Channel. Deeply disturbed by your reporting that Haitian children are eating trees! Where did you get this #info?”

Raw Story notes how Weather Channel CEO David Clark apologized after being contacted by a viewer.

“We are terribly sorry for an on air error and are taking measures to correct it,” Clark wrote. “It should not have happened period.”

Delgado also issued an on-air apology, saying: “I want to begin by apologizing for a statement I made yesterday that was found inappropriate,” she said. “My intention is always to inform and educate.”

Some say her apology is not enough. Watch below.

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(Photo Source: RAW Story Youtube screenshot)

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21 thoughts on “Meteorologist Claims Haiti Is Deforested Because ‘Kids Eat Trees’

  1. Unbelievable, what a sick hateful world this is. The power of hate and idiocy on social media. For some innocuous statement you want to fire this poor woman, please.

    And the morons who say this is because she is talking of blacks, well quite the reverse. If she had said that in certain poor sections of France kids are eating trees no one would have noticed. But because this is about a black majority nation suddenly she is accused of racism.

    Though it is nice to see that your opprobrium and silliness will rebound on an Hispanic, not just some white person who had an opinion you didn’t like, or simply said something in error.

    And to the clown who tried to blame Haiti’s poverty and problems on Europeans taking resources, well the same was done for another western country, ours, and I guess somehow we overcame that so well.

  2. William Roche on said:

    If her comment were directed to some other people, she would’ve been terminated or resigned already. But because it’s Haiti nothing is going to happen to her.

  3. She’s so racist that idiot. She should have been fired, for a Spanish woman to say something so rasist prove the hatred everybody feels about Haitians!!

  4. Nothing to do with the weather in Haiti. Sad part is very few people or news outlets do the research on the history of Haiti or the D R to understand why it is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. It was a should be one of the richest but for the greed and despot nature of France.

  5. Maybe being pregnant is messing with her hormones or is she just chunky?? So now lets see if calling her chunky is just as bad as saying that black kids eat trees!!!

  6. Where did she even come up with that? Was she trying to make a joke? Did she fact check? Has she seen kids eat trees in Haiti? Only the kids, not the adults?
    This is nuts, Miss Informed is right.

  7. Haiti, its what I think of when I hear that blacks are much better off in an all-black run and governed society “get rid of those white devils we’d be much better off”

      • No not really I’d imagine just like the rain forests in Brazil de-foresting was brought about by clearing for farming and living space as well as resources

    • Spoken by a people that has no idea what they are talking about. If you knew the long history of Haiti, how Europeans countries extorted all the wealth from Haiti with threats of war and invasion you wouldn’t assume the Blacks there are the reason for their condition. But then facts make no difference when you’re a racist.

      • Every country on the face of this planet has been exploited China now a great industrial power was once a nation of poor exploited by the Japanese. Once again you put forth the excuse that when it comes to us it’s someone else’s fault

    • Why do homework on a country with poor Blacks. It must be something wrong with Blacks so… and of course they eat wood… they eat rocks and dirt. It’s not like you have to actually have facts on Blacks to say something disparaging and be believed.

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