Celebrity Sightings in New York City - June 20, 2016

WWE legend Ric Flair is intent on making an ass out of himself.

During a recent interview, the wrestler claimed he had sex with Halle Berry after she divorced her first husband David Justice back in 1997. When a fan asked if any celebrities ever rode “Space Mountain,” which is what he named his penis, Flair responded, “Several dozen; do you want me to start with Halle Berry?”

When the interviewer made an attempt to confirm, Flair responded, “Of course she did. She was in Atlanta and she just got divorced from Dave Justice,” adding, “Would I have to make up a lie?”

Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania Tour - Melbourne

Listen to his sad claim to relevance above.



7 thoughts on “Former WWE Wrestler Brags About Having Sex With Halle Berry

  1. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    Lie, Lies, and more lies come out when he needs money. He’s going broke and just wants some trash media to pick up his story for pay…..ha,ha,ha,ha…….Never the less………Hally Berry is just too fine!!!!!! That’s a Queen for the ages

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