Sheryl Underwood broke down in tears Tuesday, September 20th when discussing the murder of Terence Cructcher, the black Tulsa man that was killed while on the side of the road tending to his stalled vehicle. Tulsa Police Department has now said that Cruchter posed an “imminent threat” and that PCP was found in his car.

The Talk co-host started a much-needed dialogue between the panel of mostly white hosts (Aisha Tyler is the only other black woman on the show.

Watch below.

Fair or foul?

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(Photo Source: The Talk Screenshot)

32 thoughts on “Sheryl Underwood Talks Terence Crutcher, Tells Co-Hosts: ‘Y’all White…Nothing Happens To You’

  1. When black people kill black people they get either a bond well over millions of dollars or no bond at all. When someone else kills black people they do not serve jail time or get an affordable bond $50,000 or less if that much. There is never an intention for them to serve jail time. They make sure they get rid of not one but 2 black people in these cases. Black people get convicted of black on black crime no other races do.

  2. thank you sheryl, so glad that your on the talk! much love and continued success 🙂 :), you are very entertaining and so informative your information and platform does help and we love you lady!!!!

  3. Sad to say but this may never become an issue for most non African Americans unless it starts happening to there loved ones. I am really starting to believe that we really don’t matter to anybody but ourselves. I pray we can fix this.

    • I swear, to listen to people like you, a person would think that the only people that get killed by law enforcement are innocent, unarmed black people. You do know that people of other races are killed by cops, right? Ask yourself why their stories don’t make the news.

      • “Unless it starts happening to their loved ones” came out of your mouth, not mine, meaning it hasn’t started happening to non African Americans. My point is it actually does happen to non African Americans. It doesn’t take research to know that. Name calling usually occurs when someone has no logical response to a comment.

  4. Margaret Davis on said:

    I would not advocate staying home for one day because that might hurt you economically, but I do believe that taking another form of transportation to work for a while might be an effective way to not only 1) cut down on the police shootings of African Americans in automobiles 2) and possibly put more money in your pocket by using mass transportation instead 3) remind the country both of your worth as a community and of your resolve to solve this problem 4) let the rest of the world stand with you in this type of protest because it does not involve any violence and embraces individual empowerment, collective empowerment and choice 5) is reminescent of the Martin Luther King/Rosa Parks (which everyone is familiar with around the world) bus boycott protests that did work and bring about change. I know that not everyone will be able to do this but for those who can it may make an impact. Therefore I would recommend using mass transit where ever possible, car pooling, etc. until the police shooting of African Americans in automobiles has stopped.

  5. Let me say first kudos to Sheryl and CBS for allowing her to voice her opinion! to be heard that is awesome b/c we all know other networks would not have allowed it and it needs to be out there! but there is so much more happening that we cannot see. Read Jeremiah it is in the bible these killings in the street should not be surprising to believers and I know that many people do not believe but it is real until we understand that things will not change until we humble ourselves and give the glory and honor where it needs to be ! These things will unfortunately plague us for some time.

  6. Cheryl’s comments are correct. Police are trained to SHOOT TO KILL which is ridiculous the training itself has to change. But I guarantee you if they knew they were going to be without pay and would be prosecuted as any other human being who killed someone, they would think twice before shooting to kill. The backing of the lawyers have given these officers the EXCUSE of I felt imminent danger for my life OR the subject didn’t obey my command. Those are just lamb excuses to shoot to kill. . Because white America has never face up to the slavery of black people and the years of unjust treatment they placed upon them therefore for generations they have feared black men. Now they can use the law to eliminate those who they fear most. What a Shame.

  7. Dawood Rashada on said:

    No matter who’s killing blacks it’s bad but for whites to justify police shootings of unarmed blacks by using black on black crime, it’s goes to show that you are defending their action with merely your association due to being white too. It’s basic human rights being ignored by the police by these unarmed shootings. I’m in my 40s from the hood. I don’t support the activities of the hood and yes we need police who are firm but killing because they can and hide behind fear or hell he or she don’t matter because their black. When we really we need and have succeeded only because of each other, and this is all facts, we will all be better Americans.

  8. …but Sheryl is wrong. Cops nationwide have mudered 702 people this year, only 163 have been black. The black killings get more press because the racial aspect sells. Look up the stats for yourselves…

  9. Theresa Mitchell on said:

    Folk are real quick to bring up black on black crime. And yes it exists BUT it is NOT & NEVER will be justification for POLICE excuses & EXECUTIONS!

  10. Yes there is a problem with blacks killing blacks. However being a police officer is a job and they are sworn to protect and serve the community all
    Communities. If they are that scared they need to be in another line of wwooorrrkkk.

  11. Lydia Salaam on said:

    I’m with you Sheryl! Those white folks don’t know or understand what’s it’s like to be black and in fear of being black in this country! It is the police who are terriorists!
    LHS in orlando-fl

  12. Lila Davis on said:

    Sheryl you were right! Until they put themselves in our skin they will never understand. I’m so tried of the saying “I was afraid for my life” Oh now I have to go on paid leave. They need to go on leave without pay.

    • did anyone say cops lives or any life “didn’t matter”??l we’re speaking of police “killing” who hid behind the line of “i was in fear of my life” and a routine saying for any shooting yes, i think better training and i lay blame with “some” police depts knowing the person they put in a blue uniform shouldn’t be in one but the make quota they do it anyway… yes officers need to be accountable just as the people you lock up think america the new york bomber involved in police shoot-out and “””HE LIVED””” NO VITAL ORGANS HIT —WOW MEANING THEY NEEDED HIM ALIVE FOR INTELL—WAKE UP PEOPLE

  13. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. Officers need to stop with the LIE, I felt threaten. The man was walking toward his car with hands in the air. Whether PCP was in the car or not, the officers did not know that at the time. All the officers saw was a BIG BLACK MAN and took him out for no other reason then being BLACK.

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