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Some of you were probably familiar with the face of 14-year-old Skai Jackson before you even knew her name. The Disney actress has been the subject of numerous Internet memes, and many Hip Hop heads came to know of Skai after her recent Twitter beef with rapper Azealia Banks. spoke with the teen star and NAACP Award nominee about her career and that Twitter drama with Azealia, check out excerpts from the Q&A below.

On How She Got Started:


“When I was nine-months-old, my mom put me into print [modeling] and of course at that age, I really didn’t have a choice. But as I got older, I started to do more commercials, and I got into movies. At the age of four, I definitely knew that acting was something that I really wanted to do. Ever since then, I’ve always been working, especially in New York, doing print modeling, commercials, and movies. Then, when I was eight-years-old, I auditioned for Jessie, which was my first Disney TV show. About two months later, they asked me to fly to LA for a screen test. Two days later, I found out I got the job.”

On Being Meme Worthy:



“That picture was taken in New York when I went out there for about three days to do some press. It was like 6am, and I was so tired. I was about to go on a talk show and my hair stylist [was taking pictures] and I wasn’t really paying attention. He kind of snapped the picture of me and I was like, ‘Oh, I guess since I’m about to go on this talk show I’ll post it so people will know that I’m going out.’ It was not the best picture but I didn’t really care.

So that’s when the memes started. I didn’t really understand why it was happening, and why people were making so many memes of it, but it’s actually really funny. I have a good sense of humor so that’s why I post them on my Twitter and my Instagram and my Facebook, because I really didn’t take any offense to it.”

On Azealia Banks:

“That was something that I felt like I had to do, because personally, I know who Azealia Banks is and the only reason why I know of her is because of what she’s been doing over Twitter–fighting with people and using racial slurs and saying disgusting things towards people.

I’ve been bullied in the past, so I personally don’t think that’s right. A lot of my fans ask me, ‘How do you deal with bullying?’ What advice can you give me?’ and I always used to tell them, ‘Stand up for yourself.’ If someone’s bullying you, you need to stand up for yourself or tell someone. I got like five tweets from her at once and I was a little bit surprised by what she said, but I knew I had to hold my own. If I’m going to tell my fans to stand up for themselves, I have to do the same thing and be a girl of my word.”

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