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Actor and entertainment host Terrence J returns to our televisions May 17th in the new FOX series, Coupled, a dating series that follows 12 women in Anguilla looking for love.

“It’s a Mark Burnett show. This is a dating show with a modern-day twist. There are 12 beautiful women, they’re really accomplished, but they’re looking for love. So instead of them chasing after one guy, we bring in different guys and watch them develop real relationships.”

On the one thing he learned about women on the show:

“Women don’t have a good sense of height. If a guy isn’t six-foot something, they think he’s short. Women are just really bad at height. Now I’m thinking, have I been walking around all my life with women thinking I’m short?”

The former E! News host will also host The Dunk King, debuting on TNT on Wednesday, May 18th.

We’re so glad to see the North Carolina A&T alum forge ahead to great things!

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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