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A 14-year-old Disney Channel star went toe to toe with Azealia Banks on Twitter after the rapper went on one of her periodic racist rants Tuesday — this time against former One Direction star-turned-solo artist Zayn Malik, whose new video for “Like I Would” made instant headlines upon its release yesterday.

Banks accused him of stealing some of her concepts for the video. He responded to her on Twitter: “No lies, I see you reaching, but I don’t care,” along with a peace sign emoji.

There was much more, but you get the point. Enter Skai Jackson, all of 14-years-old and a star on the Disney Channel series “Bunk’d.”

And like the zombies on “The Walking Dead” who move mindlessly toward noise, Azealia’s ire turned toward Skai.


Way to stand up for yourself Skai!

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