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Michael Strahan won’t have to wait until September to film his last episode of “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

Instead, the former NFL star will exit the show on Friday, May 13.

“After meeting with the producers of both Live and Good Morning America, and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future,” a show spokesperson said in a statement. “To that end, Michael’s last day on Live will be on Friday, May 13, which not only gives the show the chance to have a nice send-off for him during the May book, but to also immediately begin the on-air search for a new co-host. This plan also allows GMA to start integrating Michael into the show more often this summer before his full-time start in September.”

Meanwhile, Ripa returned to the show this morning following last week’s dust-up in which she played hooky after being informed Strahan was heading to “Good Morning America” less than half an hour before it hit the press.

Following an extended standing ovation, during which she stood beside the desk, Ripa joked to the audience, “Our long national nightmare is over.”

She remained standing to thank fans for their support and throw a bit of shade at ABC’s parent company Disney for the way in which she was told of Strahan’s departure.

“What transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary, in the sense that it started a much greater conversation, about communication, and consideration and, most importantly, respect in the workplace,” Ripa said, adding, “Apologies have been made, and the best thing to come out of all of this is that our parent company has assured me that Live is a priority.”

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7 thoughts on “Michael Strahan’s ‘Live’ Exit Moved Up To May [WATCH]

  1. Timothy Green on said:

    I can understand her frustration, all these things were going on behind her back that would have a HUGE IMPACT on her show & she was kept completely in the dark, who wouldnt be upset about that?? Cant blame her for feeling heated … Showbiz is a shady biz though

  2. Timekeeper on said:

    A Black man ( any man for that matter) has to take his opportunity that GOD presents him with without hesitation. I could throw shade on Kelly but I wont. She is pitiful instead.
    And yes as someone stated, on contracts of this magnitude, especially in media, I am certain Michael was not allowed to say anything. I am just glad for Michael that he is showing that life after pro sports for a brother can be positive and exemplary for any field he chooses.

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    I never did watch the show however I was glad when Michael got the hosting job. I agree there won’t be another Black co host. But is HIS life and he has to make the bet choices for him. I see no reason for him to come to her and say hey I have been offered a chance to do something more with GMA. He’s an adult and can make his decisions on what best for him and his pockets. Which I am sure he did. So good luck Michael! I am sure the network will make sure Kelly is taken care of they always take care of their own

  4. Steffy on said:

    Go do some yoga, Kelly. Business is business. She claimed she was his friend. Be happy for his opportunity and stop acting like a toddler. Good luck, Michael!

  5. angietangie on said:

    You go Michael! Do yo thang boy!! Leave that skinny little white devil alone. She is mad because she had a thing for you and now she can’t have you…lol. I agree with kimboo and Kneesee23 Kudos to Mike, Kelly go kick rocks. Hey did you guys see (or didn’t see)when they walked out and Michael being the gentleman that he is pulled her chair out. Well when that moment came the camera panned to the audience. You can hear Kelly in the background saying. I got it. Michael was like here sit down, she was like I got it, in a mad voice. In all the days I watched Live not once did that camera not show Mike pulling Kelly’s chair out for her. Right there is when I said this shit is not going to last. He is leaving earlier because Kelly is mad as hell at him. Good luck Mike and god speed! I bet that show will never have another black co host. As for you Kelly, grow up!

  6. kimboo on said:

    She knows that since Regis Philbin and his wife left the show, the parent company DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN about the show… I’m sure it has some rating issues, and it’s a matter of time before LIVE is no more! Michaels champion lawyer(s) should be commended, and was definitely reading the fine print when looking over his contract with LIVE. So kudos to Michael, and enjoy every opportunity.

  7. Kelly is full of chit ! She was floored that Michael was given a golden opportunity and didn’t ask her for permission ahead of time. It’s obvious her feelings were hurt. He probably had a clause in his contract that forbid him to speak to avoid loosing the opportunity. She should have been happy for her ‘friend’, and upset with the ‘executives’ who made the decisions. She took her pitty party out on Strahan. I’m glad that he’s leaving…Good for him ! It’s HIS career choice.

    I will no longer be watching Live after Strahan leaves…she’s unprofessional, self-entitled and back-stabbing….

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