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In response to tabloid headlines, host Aisha Tyler opens up about her divorce on “The Talk.” The 45-year-old TV host, who has been married to her husband Jeff Tietjens for 20 years, says that she hoped to protect her husband from speculation about the couple’s upcoming split. The two have been separated for over a year, but Tyler says they were trying to work things out. But this week, Tietjens filed for divorce.

On The Talk, a tearful Tyler said that she’s been with Tietjens since she was a teen and that other than her parents, no one has loved or taken care of her more than he has. But she acknowledged that people change and grow and sometimes, they don’t do so together or end up wanting the same things out of life.

She addressed rumors and gossip about their split, saying that people often speculate, but only a few know the truth. Although she says that The Talk co-hosts do speculate on other celeb relationships, even she knows that most of the time, they don’t know exactly what goes on in private.

Watch Tyler’s tearful explanation and how she still loves her husband:

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