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Since when does a traffic stop call for a check of someone’s anus?

This is a question someone needs to ask officer Chris Medlin, who felt the need to pull Lakeya Hicks and her boyfriend Elijah Pontoon over after he noted their car had a paper tag, an offense that’s not illegal in South Carolina as long as the car is registered.

But instead of just giving the man a citation, for what I don’t know, but if he just had to do SOMETHING … the cop  ran a check on the car and its passengers.

Still, nothing wrong.

Then the cop unleashes his K9 officer to sniff the car.

This is getting pretty time consuming, seeing as there are STILL NO RESULTS.

Now this is where you really begin to question these cops. Here is where you ask yourself questions like…Wait. What kind of freaks are we dealing with here? 

I say this because the cop called for backup after he could find nothing in the car, and when they got there, it was like they were fulfilling some demented fantasy as a female officer went so far as to expose Hick’s breasts to the male officers according to a lawsuit filed by the couple.

But wait. There’s more.

Listen to what he says on the recording. It is very hard to understand this cop at times due to his thick dialect.

“We searched the car. There ain’t nothing in the car and on a search of him, up in his crotch by the butt, I felt something hard. I lifted his pants and pulled the back of his underwear down and I didn’t see anything but I didn’t get all the way up in there to get no vertical up shot. I just pulled his underwear back, but I didn’t see nothing. But it felt, he said it was a hemorrhoid. It ain’t no. .. it was a rock. It was a rock of crack. It’s gotta be a rock. He’s got it up in his butt.”


What should happen to the cops?

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