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For some people, winning the lottery is the break of a lifetime. For others, its a tragedy. That was the sad case for Craigory Burch, Jr. who was killed in January of this year after winning almost $500,000 in the Georgia State Lottery. Burch was shot in front of his girlfriend after using some of his lottery money to buy Christmas presents for underprivileged children. reports:

According to a statement by the Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Office obtained by PEOPLE, police arrested Rosalyn Swain, 22, Earnest Holcomb, 27, and Wayan Jordon, 17, of Fitzgerald, Georgia; Anjavell Johnson, 21, and Dabrentise Overstreet, 19, of Tifton, Georgia; and Keyana Dyous, 24, of Moultrie, Georgia.

The seven are being charged with several misdemeanors and felonies including malice murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and home invasion.

On the night of the killing, they allegedly entered Burch’s home armed and wearing facemasks. Burch, 20, was at home with his girlfriend and children at the time.

According to his girlfriend, Jasmine Hendricks, Burch allegedly begged the suspects not to shoot and offered to give them his wallet and bank card.

“When they came in, he said, ‘Don’t do it bro. Don’t do it in front of my kids,'” Hendricks told WALB.

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65 thoughts on “Seven Arrested In Murder Of Georgia Lottery Winner

  1. Reading this reminds me of why we started the Annual #BlackOnBlackCrime Solutions Panel back in 2013, this year with be our 4th. This is a sad situation for the all the families and victims. Its like we “black folks” don’t want to see each other rise. The brother won $500k and automatically he’s sentenced to death. How the hell did they know where he lived in the first place? I’m glad that he was able to give toys away to needy children before he did. #RIP – Followme on Twitter/IG: @Courage2Believe if you have any questions or just want to support.

  2. So everyone is an expert on who these seven murderers are – that they must have known the girlfriend or they would have shot her, too? You are all sooo smart at explaining how these bad things must have happened yet you do nothing to prevent all the bad sh*t that’s bound to happen…? Shame on you! Black lives matter little to Black people. Considering blacks are killing each other in disproportionate amounts, it should be black neighborhoods that BLM marches through and preaches to. Blacks are the reason they’re at the bottom in America and, ignoring the culture they’ve adopted as the problem, will always be at the bottom. And NO, Jesus will not fix this. And before you decide to attack ANOTHER black person, consider what that says about YOU…especially when you do so with the worst grammar, spelling and sentiment ever witnessed in an advanced nation. Seriously, you can’t take one damn minute to check what you write? You’re that lazy and apathetic towards making your point? Good luck solving your (any) problems.

  3. This is ridiculous & sadly nothing new. People have been killing people for centuries out of pure greed. Our capacity for evil is mankind’s greatest achievement. To hurt, hate & kill each other. And as a species we will never do better.

  4. Im glad they caught these punks, but i have a feeling that the baby mother is going to get charged also. She showed no emotion during that interview and for them to just shoot him and not take anything, not kill the mother and kids just doesn’t make sense. The state of the black community is as worst shape as it has ever been, everyday you look on the news its mostly black on black violence, as much as i love my black people, i shouldn’t be afraid or ready to defend myself when i see young black teenagers walking toward me. He should have moved as soon as he won that money. It was no reason for him to still remain in the hood once he won the lottery.

  5. Solow Shine on said:

    Every last one of them look like some jackasses. These are the people who were raised in households where the parents didn’t give a shit about what they do. They likely didn’t have a positive male role model except for the mother’s weed smoking boyfriend who was only motivated enough to show someone the latest Jordans or a hidden move on an X-Box game. These people are supposed to be the future of the Black race and we are going backwards. The Black parents no longer give a fuck, the Black fathers REALLY don’t give a fuck and we are the laughing stock of the entire planet. Anyone who doesn’t like my words can kiss my ass and set up a gofundme account to rescue these little shitheads.

  6. Denise on said:

    This is another example of why you should have the option of remaining anonymous or not if you win a large amount of money. This young man was trying to do the right thing. There will always be someone out there who have no regard for life. Theirs or anyone else’s.

  7. True enough the black community needs to do a lot of work and self improvement that is a fact we can do better as a people . As s black person myself I get sick of hearing on he need everyday seem like someone was shot and killed blacks killing each other some don’t want to acknowledge this issue. We already know the white community doesn’t care if we wipe each other out they love yo mock the Bllm movement siting black on
    Black crime which is horrible. We need to do better for I ourselves whites can’t and aren’t ant shouldn’t swoop don’t and change us change starts at home.

  8. blackspeak on said:

    HEY!… I thought “BLACKLIVESMATTER”…. well maybe not so much if its blacks slaughtering each other on a daily basis…

  9. Beverly W on said:

    Thank God they are caught. R.I P. Cragory Burch Jr. It sounds like you were a good person who gave to others. God Bless you and your family and friends.

  10. Laverne on said:

    What in world how did they think they were gonig to get away with that and on top of that the man was giving back to the community like every one should be doing I hope they throw the book at them one were living in the last days God is coming back soon

  11. Chris on said:

    Seriously he should have mood out of that neighborhood they knew exactly where he was think this was plotted out..Would have moved out of state wouldn’t let anyone know best to get a good Lawyer a soon as you hit the lottery and really try not to advertise it on social media if possible. I really Hope he had life insurance policy on his family as well.Hopefully they are safe..

  12. Jackie on said:

    I hate to say it, but something seem a little bit out of place with this bad situation. First of all, I don;t think he place himself on social media about this winnings, however it could be possible that he told a so-call friend and they made plans with these nicks to get it from him. Also, why did they not shoot the girlfriend as well, would not they think she would ID them?There got to be more to this story then what is being told. I am sure the law is looking into it, at least i hope. There maybe more people involved!

  13. So sad, none of those young people look like they care about anything. Unfortunately there are a lot of young people with that I don’t care about myself or anyone else attitude.

    • Amber on said:

      I agree. And I just think that is just the way alot of yound people (not all) are today regardless if you have a little or a lot. Remember, people are ROBBED EVERYDAY and they are NOT Lottery winners.

  14. astith on said:

    My condolences to his family. He is remembered for doing a great charitable act. I’m glad that those——-were caught.

  15. astith on said:

    I read an article once, where a financial advisor stated that if one is fortunate enough to win the lottery in a state that requires the winner to reveal him/herself, the person should wear a disguise and use a fictitious name.

  16. Graham on said:

    Think all lottery winnings should be private, you just can’t be nice to ppl, he was a target from the day he won, and giving back to the community shows proof..I’m very glad they where arrested and this crime didn’t go they have the rest of there lives to think about this MALICE

    • Amber on said:

      Some states the winner can be private but in many states they can not. The winners is revealed because the Lottery can not be accused of FRAUD. So when you RISK playing that dollar (that is why the RULES is printed and you must read the rules that appy to the game in you state even when it comes to the POWERBALL and MEGABALL-multistate games), you better know how you can be reveal. ALso, even if you do not have your name revealed publicly, someone can still call the lottery and find out your name and the state you live it but they can not give your address. That is to keep from being accused of FRAUD and that the lottery is fake because somone folks will use that non disclosure to sue. So if you are afraid to be revealed base on your state, DO NOT PLAY.

  17. americanize on said:

    Condolences to the Burch family,Mr. Burch made a huge mistake,letting people know he came into some nice money.I hope all seven get life without parole.

    • Exactly. I see the pattern. I bet if you look into these folks background, they knew the victim and the girlfriend either by being close associates or so called friends. A complete “stranger” robbery who shot people would have shot BOTH.

      • astith on said:

        I’m sure anyone who is connected with him will be investigated. At least I hope so.

  18. So glad they have been arrested. Why so much hate and jealousy for our own? For what to buy cheap weave, knock off designer clothes to go to a stanky strip club. Ugggg, throw the book at them (hitting them upside the head) and throw away the key… I pray this man’s children and girlfriend are taken care of with the winnings, that these hood boogers didn’t spend on garbage.

    • Jealousy is NOT limited to one race. We just take it more personal when jealous is done because we are all put into one basket.

  19. This story is a tragedy!

    Why can’t we as a people simply have love for one another and stop with all the JEALOUSY/SELF-HATE?????????????????

    Mr. Burch was blessed with the winning of a 500K lottery. Maybe he should have kept his luck on the down-low and not let it be known he had come into such a large sum.

    None-the less-it did not give these seven POS the right to MURDER him in cold blood in front of his family!!!!!

    These cretins do not deserve a trial–TOO BAD THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT HAVE A FIRING SQUAD-PUT THESE ANIMALS DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree. When I saw his picture when he won (I live in GA), I was like, “he hope he did not hang around hood like folks and will be subject to those who will get jealous). Three months later, this happen. I bet all of these folks knew him and he knew them. YOu can believe this was not random act to steal for him. They all probably hanged around him. NOw look, all these nuts going to jail and still do NOT have the money. When many of these lottery winner win, they put their money up (unless they keep a large sum of money and ride around with it) and they are not able to just go and get that money quick. So it is stupid to think that if someone win the money, you will be able to get it. And stupid just to go rob someone but worst if you think you can rob a lottery winner.

  20. Stop making this isse a “black issue”. This is sad but it is NOT limited to blacks. Stop using this case to push bigotry towards blacks and crime. This is the same to those folks who blame the lottery. MOST lottery winners keep thier money and have it secure just like people of other races do crimes. Look in Flordia where the WHITE WOMEN killed a lottery winner along with her boyfriend helping with the crime and buried the lottery winner in Flordia. And other white woman HIRED a man to killed her daughter-in-law. In VA, the man who won the biggest was robbed multi time due to him riding in a corvett with thousands of dollars and being robbed and sued by WHITES for his money. So stop the nonsense. In this case, these fools clearly knew the lottery winner and the environment.

  21. Beeg1984 on said:

    Black Live Matter… To who???? This is a slap in the face for the people that marched in the cold and hot sun for Black Live Matter.. Really.. All Live Matter, not just when a cop kill a black person. Death has no color… and this is so sad…

    • We know that all live matters but Black Lives matter came about due to LAW ENFORCEMENT who are suppose to follow the LAWS and who do crimes but do not get punish and sometime with NO arrest made to even see who was in the right or wrong and some folks seem to forget that when it comes to cops and blacks. That is why there is a Black lives matter. That the difference. We know when most blacks kills blacks, that black person is going to be arrested and put on trial. See the difference.

  22. I always said they should not identify you when you win. However, I also found out in some states if you pay them a percentage they won’t identify you. Best believe he knew all those idiots at some point in life. Instead of sharing in his happy they decided to kill him. Sad

    • If you have low life and jealous people around you, it does not matter if the lottery reveal who you are. MOST lottery winners who are victims to crimes KNOW the people personally. These lottery crimes are NOT done by strangers who just happen to see your name/picture as a winner which means again if you hang around jealous people, you can still be a victim. I know three lottery winners (1 won $150,000, one won 2 million, 1- won 56 millions). ALL of these people do NOT have no problem and still have their money because they invested their money and the people who know them were happy of them and they do not have a problem.

  23. One of these individuals decided that this man should die for whatever reason…I hope all of them spend enough time behind bars to regret their decision for the rest of their lives. People have become so cold and heartless…very, very, sad.

    • Yeah, no different than white people robbed the white lottery winner who kept load of money in his car and he was robbed by TWO white men and WHITE WOMAN and her boyfriend killed a man for his winnings. SO what is your point MacBen?

      • MacBen on said:

        My point is: I AM SHOCKED! You keep bringing up white people. Who cares about what a bunch of mayonnaise monkey-ass crackers do? White folks do it too, is your excuse?

      • Amber on said:

        No, but do not make black people the issue either. This is just a bunch of low lifes regardless of race who did something stuipid to another person. that is my point.

  24. knowledge on said:

    We as ppl have come so far from ground zero only to realize that we have went in a complete circle, but this go around the threat is ourselves.

    • I agree. What get me about people who rob and steal is that the MATERIAL items you get or try to get, you do NOT have NO MORE. If MATERIAL THINGS WORTH the lost of your soul, your freedom, the life of someone else, etc? When you ask inmate about this, many of these inmates will have this stupid look on their face or either say, “I did not know what I was thinking”. Really. You see many times how people will get caught no matter if it is days, weeks, months, or years, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT. EVERY CRIMINIAL though they could “get away with it” so what make you think you are going to get away with it. That is what inmates should know. You are NOT doing NOThing new and the outcome is always the same: YOU GET CAUGHT SOONER OR LATER.

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