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TMZ reports a buried knife was found on the Simpson estate several years ago. Sources say the knife was discovered anywhere from “several years ago” to sometime in the late 90s when the house was torn down.

According to reports, a construction worker took the knife to an off duty cop who then reportedly kept the knife for several years.

In late January 2016, the cop contacted a friend at the LAPD. He expressed to him his plans to have the knife FRAMED AND PUT ON A WALL.

Luckily, the LAPD officer told his bosses, and now the knife is being tested for DNA and other evidence next week.

Now, OJ can’t be tried again, because double jeopardy, but this would definitely be a huge breakthrough in the over 20 year old whodunnit case.

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7 thoughts on “LAPD Testing Knife Reportedly Found on Former O.J. Simpson Property

  1. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@er robert blake blew his wife’s brains out with a gun. Yet these mayonnaise monkeys aren’t obsessed about finding the real killer, I wonder why??? They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  2. Somebody threw that knife out there because this show is on television. Really you found something from 1994. come on. It’s more than enough stupid stuff going on right now that you don’t need to go backwards.

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