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House burning, flames shooting through window

Cloe Woods, a five-year-old from Kenner, La., is being hailed a hero after she led her blind Grandmother to safety when the stove in her home caught fire early Wednesday morning (February 17).

Cloe’s Mother, Shone Arceneaux, said the five-year-old quickly got out of bed and ran to her blind grandmother’s room, according to reports on WWLTV.

She told my mom to hold her shoulder and that they had to get out of the house,” Arceneaux said.

Cloe’s know-how of exactly what to do in such a situation came after she attended a class at the Kenner Fire Department to learn about fire safety.

John Hellmers, Kenner Fire Department Chief, has praised Cloe’s brave actions.

She saved her grandmothers’ life and saved her own life,” Hellmers said.

A GoFundMe page has since been set-up to help Cloe’s family, who have been displaced as a result of the fire. For those who wish to make a donation, click here.


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4 thoughts on “5-Year-Old Pint-Sized Hero Saves Her Blind Grandmother From Burning Home

  1. Where are all the rich blacks (per trump), to set up a fund or scholarship for this remarkable child? If at least 10 of the richest blacks put together a portfolio for this little girl, and place a nice scholarship/CD in the bank until she needs college tuition, can you image the interest? Educationally, she would be taking care of for he rest of her life… She can get that Masters or PhD, and give back to the community that gave her a chance….

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