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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The type of blood clot revealed in the autopsy of a woman who died after being forcibly removed from a hospital is often “difficult to detect and can be impossible to treat,” hospital officials said Wednesday, while a lawyer representing the woman’s family insisted that both hospital staff and police were negligent.

Barbara Dawson, 57, collapsed Monday while being escorted in handcuffs from the hospital, where she went for treatment for breathing difficulties, Blountstown Police Chief Mark Mallory said. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing when she refused multiple requests to leave, Mallory said.

The medical examiner’s office in Panama City found that Dawson died from a blood clot due to being excessively overweight, Mallory said in a statement Wednesday morning. Neither the autopsy report, nor the police report, nor the dashcam video of the incident has been released.

During a news conference later Wednesday, Calhoun Liberty Hospital CEO Ruth Atttaway said the hospital would cooperate with state investigators who are looking into the matter and the circumstances of Dawson’s death would be fully reviewed. Attaway refused to address why hospital staff called police to remove Dawson. She added that the only time hospital staff ask police to remove patients is when there is a concern about other patients’ safety.

“Based on information from the 14th District ME’s office, Ms. Dawson passed away due to pulmonary saddle embolus, or a blood clot in her lungs,” Attaway said. “While we can’t speak about her condition, we can generally address this medical condition. A pulmonary embolism is often immediate and fatal. It is difficult to detect and can be impossible to treat.”

While doctors initially thought Dawson was stable and should be released, Dawson felt as if she still had breathing issues and wanted to stay, said Daryl Parks, the attorney representing her family.

Mallory said the officer who was escorting Dawson out of the hospital asked for help after she collapsed and failed to respond to verbal commands. Medical staff came to the patrol car to check her pulse and breathing, and the attending physician came outside and instructed medical staff to bring Dawson back inside the hospital, he said.

“According to interviews conducted with medical staff and available audio from the officer’s in-car camera, she had a pulse and was alive when transferred back to the care of the doctor and the hospital,” Mallory said.

He said Dawson collapsed about 5 a.m. and was pronounced dead at 6:24 a.m.

Parks said his firm is in the preliminary stages of their investigation on whether to file a lawsuit against the Blountstown Police Department, Calhoun Liberty Hospital or both.

“Both have culpability,” he said.

The incident comes amid increased scrutiny of police treatment of blacks in the wake of several high-profile police-involved deaths. Dawson was black, the family’s lawyer said. Mallory said the officer who arrested her is a white man and is on his regularly scheduled days off.

Parks’ law firm, the Tallahassee-based Parks and Crump, has represented black families in high-profile national cases, including the shooting deaths of black men Trayvon Martin in Florida and Michael Brown in Missouri. When asked to compare this case to others, Parks called this “a civil rights case of modern proportions.”

“You have a health side and a law enforcement side to it,” Parks said. “She is telling them that she is feeling a certain way and they decided that they need to get rid of her and use law enforcement to do just that. That deliberate indifference in this situation led to her death.”

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15 thoughts on “UPDATE: Investigation Ongoing In Florida Woman’s Death After Hospital Release; Family Retains Lawyer

  1. After reading this story I think the family should definitely sue the hospital for neglect and mistreatment of a black woman because she was heavy and probably because she didn’t have insurance and yes because she was black. I think the policeman was just doing his job because he was called. He may didn’t have her best interest at heart but sounds like he was just doing his job.

  2. Let a relative of yours be treated with such malice and see if you will be a matter of fact about it. The hospital staff in emergency failed to do their job. Pulmonary embolism is treatable had the hospital staff been professional.

  3. Deborah Lawrence on said:

    Well sounds like the appropriate blood test was not done if s d-dimer test was run it would of been positive and they could of started her on blood thinners and saved her life

  4. Real African American Woman on said:

    This breaks my heart. She was right there and they were completely dismissive of her because of prejudice and stereotype. They assumed she’s a fat, black woman and she just needed to sit still for a minute and take some Pepto-Bismol then she’d be okay. This happens entirely too often.

  5. KarenRSilva on said:

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  6. Death is imminent for all of us. Sounds like someone chalked her breathing problem up to being overweight, not from a blood clot. If the proper test were ran on her, they could have detected the blood clot or clots in her legs.

      • Wtf? AA’s should live better lifestyles? I see more nasty fat balding WP. Maybe you should live a better lifestyle!

      • African American Woman on said:

        I’m black,and I agree, that we as a people, overall,should make healthier living a priority. How is that racist? As such a small percentage of the overall population, we have a substantial subpopulation of obese people.

  7. You can get a blood clot regardless of your size, just look at Tamara Braxton, the issue is she was not treated as a human being, thank God I did not go to that hospital when I had my blood clot, I was was treated by my Vein Doctor for clot in my leg. It is sad when we pass judgement on people because the are poor, black and fat, same on us.

  8. Timothy Green on said:

    Tooo much info left out to really judge the situation a pulmonary embolism is one of them things that can kill you pretty quickly or take a few hours, if the hospital did all the necessary assessments/testing & it all came back clear then it basically was her time

  9. African American Woman on said:

    Um…ok, so she had a blood clot from being fat that was impossible to treat. Soooooo, being arrested killed her rather than the blood clot??? Stop blaming others for everything; obviously this woman’s death was imminent no matter what happened.

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