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As we’ve reported, Tamar Braxton‘s health issues had recently taken a turn for the worse to the point where she was hospitalized.

Doctors initially diagnosed what they thought was pneumonia, but it turned out to be pulmonary embolism. She also had blood clots in both of her lungs.

Well, that was then. This is now and Tamar is not only back on her feet, she’s back to work on the daily talk show “The Real.” And in a video montage, the show detailed Braxton’s journey back to good health.

One of the major things we find out as we watched is that after a week of bed rest, doctors, determined to get at the cause of the problem and decided major surgery was in order. It was revealed that Tamar underwent a procedure to remove her rib to alleviate a source of the problem.

When Tamar was asked if it was Ok if they ask her questions about the procedure, she responded:

“Child, I expect y’all to be all up in my business, of course.”

You can see the full story today on “The Real.” And you can watch a clip from the show below.

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(Photo Source: The Real Youtube)

14 thoughts on “Tamar Returns to ‘The Real’ After Having Rib Removed [VIDEO]

  1. Thank God ur doing well. Learn to humble yourself are bless, your also over the top with your personality.. I agree with other Toni is beautiful and sings magnificence and humble take some lessons from her. May God bless you and keep you and your family well. Ps. You are the reason l stop watching the view.

  2. A bunch of haters… A family a talent. She and her sister’s are blessed with a gift to sing. She is who she is. And don’t hate because her husband spoils her, maybe in HIS eyes she deserves to be spoiled. Women are forever downing one another.

    • people do not hate tamar at all, it is more of the way she hate on other people when they sing and how she seem to be all that. she talks about people. i do think this time around she will see family and friends . in a way never before. but people are glad she is doing good. we are no god don’t like ugly, we hope she does well just like her sister toni who is so humble .

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Wow that sounded like pure HATE. I’m no Tamar fan but goodness…I wish her nothing but best wishes hope she makes a full recovery.

  4. nflgal6 on said:

    Glad she is doing well. She is alright as a host but I would never pay to listen to her sing but her sister Tony Braxton had and has Talent in the voice department! My whole family loves Tony her voice is special. Tamar is just o.k. only person who doesn’t realize it is Tamar. If it weren’t for Vince’s Dollars invested in Tamar we would all still be saying who is Tamar to me she is a host and someone riding off Toni’s talent and her hubby’s money and business. Either you got it or you don’t. I did pay to see Toni back in the day and paid for her music I would never do that with Tamar.

  5. Glad she is doing better but to tell the truth she can be OBNOXIOUS! She is sooo spoiled by her husband which is great but act humble please stop acting like your God’s gift! If it weren’t for her sister the one with the REAL TALENT SHE DOESN’T COME CLOSE TO THE VOCALS OF TONY BRAXTON AND HER hubby she wouldn’t be making all this music she is making. She is o.k. as a host but I definitely would not buy or listen to her music give me Tony Braxton any day! My whole family loves Toni and Tamar no one wants to listen to her sing.

  6. llawrence on said:

    She should have let her sister do DWTS cause Tamar is not fit for that and she knew it. Her sister works out everyday. GOD don’t like ugly.

    • Tamar ,
      God made the sun from the color of his hair
      God Rain from the tears ruming from his eyes.
      God made wind as he inhaled and ex hale from his Bodie
      God made Snow from his white garment as walk through the stream water.
      God give us blessing because he love us .who is fight there battle ,when don’t know we all ready won
      I wrote this poem for you happy holidays to u and your lovely family.

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