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Dear Skip,

I work with a young lady named Skylaar Clark, but we all call her Sky. She is 27 years-old with a 5 year-old daughter. She has a heart of gold, and would do anything for anyone if she could. She also helps take care of her mother who had a stroke back in 2011, and is no longer able to care for herself.   But she has been struggling a lot lately… She went from being homeless for a year, to finally moving her daughter and herself into a nice apartment in early June. But she has been having trouble keeping up with her bills… She works hard every day with each check going straight to rent and bills!!   There are times Sky goes without eating because she sometimes cannot afford food, so she keeps what she has for her daughter to at least eat!

Now she is worried that she will not be able to give her daughter the birthday/Christmas that she deserves.  Her daughter’s birthday is 6 days before Christmas.  She and her daughter have been sleeping on the floor, because she cannot afford to get bedroom sets for their rooms. I am asking for a Christmas wish for new beds, so she and her daughter can stop sleeping on the floor, and have a nice warm bed to sleep in this Christmas.  It also will be a wonderful gift to help her fill her refrigerator and pantry with food and provide presents under the tree for this struggling family to open together.