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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The latest on the shootout at a playground in New Orleans’ 9th Ward (all times local):

11:10 a.m.

New Orleans police say investigators are still trying to learn who pulled out guns and why they started shooting in a playground crowded with hundreds of people.

Spokesman Frank Robertson said Monday that investigators have also learned of a 17th victim in the shooting.

He says none of the injuries is life-threatening, but he doesn’t know yet how many people were hospitalized. Robertson says police also are still working on a breakdown by age and sex.

Police say two groups had gathered at the park Sunday, most of them for a block party and some for a music video shoot. Two groups of gunmen started shooting at each other. In the chaotic aftermath, the gunmen ran off.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is calling on people with knowledge of the shooting to help police.


3:10 a.m.

Police are trying to figure out what sparked a gun battle in a New Orleans park that left 16 people wounded.

Hundreds of people were gathered late Sunday for what police have described as a combination block party and music video shoot.

Then two groups of gunmen pulled out weapons and started shooting at each other. In the chaotic aftermath, the gunmen ran off.

Police spokesman Tyler Gamble says all the victims were in stable condition and either suffered direct gunshot wounds or were grazed by bullets.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is calling on people with knowledge of the incident to help police.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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18 thoughts on “UPDATE: Police Learn of 17th Person Wounded In Shootout

  1. African American Woman on said:

    Some of us are and have uplifted ourselves up from the sewers of self-hatred, failure, bad/no parenting…we volunteer, mentor and have businesses in our own communities. We don’t commit crimes, decimate our own people and communities…We value education and don’t put up with our precious children throwing their lives away. Now if me and millions of other black folks do this everyday; then we need to cut off and stop supporting the ones of us who nothing but hurt us. You can start a million movements, if doing the right thing isn’t in that person, then nothing else matters.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Cool, I’m not mad at that, as long as you and Tim are in agreement. They are fairly new and lack proper leadership, maybe one day that will change. For now it’s an excuse for people to say they should be doing something more, while others just talk a good game.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    The name does bother me because the name doesn’t correspond with the mission. Any organization worth their salt will create a mission statement that clearly defines that organization’s goals/agenda. BLM’s name and agenda don’t match and until they organize, create a mission and carry out that mission in a productive and civilized fashion, they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot and the original cause will never be addressed because no one will see them as anything but trouble makers, race baiters and whiners who blame everyone else but their own internal race issues for their dysfunction.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “fucked all that in between shit” Exactly what is that? Yep I agree, ALL the shooters should go to jail. People have to come forward in order for the police to make an arrest, afterall they didn’t witness the shootings, the bystanders and victims did.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    Awww! Hope you feel better soon, but you know how I am by now. Lol. MADD is Mothers against drunk driving, not mother’s against all bad driving; that’s the difference. Their acronym fits theirs purpose. BLM should change their name to black lives matter only when the cops or a white person is involved. Black lives matter is misleading, because BLM does not represent all black lives.

  5. Timothy Green on said:

    SpecialT so to protest police brutality against blacks the BLM goes & upstages Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders rallies?!?! … to that end wouldn’t it make more sense to protest the police departments with proven records of bias & discrimination against minorities. The BLM has all attention on it right now & unfortunately doesnt know what to do with that attention besides shut down political rallies?? .. the simple fact is that the BLM is unfocused & doesn’t even know what its own goal is nor have a pathway on how to get to it .. with a powerful name like BLACK LIVES MATTER, oragnizers nees to be making chess moves vs playing hungry hippo … & yes you are very correct about the community as awhole should be outraged & crying for justice & speaking up about what we see & hear

    • specialt757 on said:

      Tim I hear you and don’t disagree. BLM (IMO) is not a bad organization, it needs better leadership in which their judgment is called into question. They appear to be unorganized as a whole, because I think people buy these BLM t-shirts, act like representatives and really not, they have their own agenda. Take the one guy at the DT rally…it’s as if he was speaking for the whole group, which he probably wasn’t. I don’t mine them speaking out against police brutality AND as you stated they should do it appropriately and at the right locations. I don’t like that they get a bad rap because they are calling attention to problems that existed long before you or I was born. The way they go about it is causing the problems.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    AAW I got it, but it would be the same as asking why MADD to fight against accidents related to texting or other distracting activities, that’s not their fight. But you get no arguments from me today (I’m not feeling well lol).

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Tim I got that, I’m aware of what BLM movement is about. However, they are not the only blacks living and seeing what’s going on with the state of blacks in America. There could be many groups outraged about what’s going on in black communities but don’t get the exposure because as the quote goes “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. Maybe they are not making a loud enough noise. And as you have already stated, the community has to more involved in stopping crime in their neighborhoods, the police can’t do it by themselves. When anyone see crimes being committed…say something, don’t act as if it’s not your problem today, because tomorrow it could be.
    So basically, we seem to be on the same page other than what the BLM movement agenda should be. Others need to holler louder.

  8. African American Woman on said:

    Special, I was being sarcastic…the fact that the movement is called black lives matter, they should be involved…

    • Timothy Green on said:

      SpecialT we have a very vocal group that calls itself BLM, but only concerns itself in limited incidence of black abuse/death .. the sad fact is that if the BLM doesn’t get into uproar about things like the Tyshawn Lee murder & other non police related incidents, it will continuously be marginalized & taken with a grain of salt … cant blame the mainstream for feeling that way … look how Jews move..

  9. specialt757 on said:

    AAW this has nothing to do with BLM it’s not their fight. It’s the community’s fight, they should be outraged enough to come forward.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    This is a perfect opportunity for the community to cooperate and stop this from happening over and over again. Somebody knows something and if they don’t come forward then they only have themselves to blame, not the police.

  11. African American Woman on said:

    Come on BLM…get your torches and pitchforks ready…oh wait, there were no police involved…my bad…go back to sleep.

  12. Timothy Green on said:

    If there aren’t at least 75 people coming forward to say what & who they saw involved in this foolishness, then this entire community is a lost fucking cause, burn the bitch down & try again

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