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Dear Tom,

My husband and I have a 5 year-old daughter and a 3 year-old son.   We both work full-time and have to put our youngest in childcare.    My son has delays and has been through physical therapy, occupational therapy and still receives speech therapy.  He has made progress, but continues to be behind other children his age.

Tom, it is our goal that our son to be on the same level as his peers before entering kindergarten.   He was attending a pre-school program that we were happy with and who we believed would support our child’s limitations.  However, we were told in an email that due to his intellectual disability they could no longer provide care for him.   We were given a few weeks to find another program.

We have since found a school that has a developmental teaching approach that would benefit our son.  The problem is that it costs much more than the school he was previously attending. This additional expense is more than my husband and I were expecting.  The account that we have set aside for our son’s school will now only take us through this November as opposed to February.  That is when we usually get our tax refunds to put into his school account.   Our Christmas wish is to ask for your help with the needed funds to cover his tuition up until February when we will be able to get our tax refunds back to help pay for this new program and school.