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Friday on “The View,” Raven-Symoné stuck her foot in her mouth yet again when she confessed that she wouldn’t hire someone with a “ghetto” name.

Unless you’ve been immersed in reports about NASA’s recent discovery of water on Mars, and you missed Raven’s latest round with controversy, she said:

“Just to bring it back, can we take back “racist” and say “discriminatory,” because I think that’s a better word. And I am very discriminatory against words like the ones that they were saying in those names. I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to hire you.”

As it turns out, there’s actually a Watermelondrea, Watermelondrea Jones to be exact, portrayed by Tré Melvin on YouTube. Ms. Jones heard Raven’s comments and she is not amused. She called out Raven on Twitter, saying: “lookin like a pheonix talking bout she ain’t gon hire me. out here lookin like a low battery. charge ur weave sis”.

Watch the clip below to see Watermelondrea Jones read the heck out of Raven:

Fair or foul?

HUH?! Celebrities Say the Dumbest Things
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15 thoughts on “The Real Watermelondrea Jones Responds to Raven-Symoné [WATCH]

  1. Virginia on said:

    I’m just going to say this thing is getting more and more bizarre. And, I knew Watermelondrea was a made up name, because NO mother would ever hang that name on a child. Now the question is why would ANYBODY name THEMSELVES that?

    WHAT’S happening to us???

  2. Raven was a cute kid but she still has a lot to learn. I’m still annoyed by her referring to the president as Obama. With as much as she has to say about nothing, she can afford to speak his title.

    Regarding odd names like Watermelondrea, what different does a name make if a person possesses the skills, qualifications and credentials?

  3. specialt757 on said:

    This coming from a person (Mr./Ms. Watermelon head) who probably doesn’t have a real job. People have a problem with the way Raven said it, but that’s how corporate America thinks. She said nothing that countless of people are thinking and have said before.
    Another one of those ‘freedoms” that Americans are “allowed” but aren’t “free” to use. You know, the 1st amendment.

  4. Yes, we know this is a man named Tre Melvin portraying a woman named Watermelondrea Jones. That’s not the point! The point is what Raven-Symone said was poorly said, even though, sadly, it’s true. But she got READ for it as should anyone with the same mind set should be. After Ms Watermelondrea Jones’ comment, the library was SHUT DOWN!!!

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