… the complete absence of a limb beyond a certain point where only a stump is left is known as transverse deficiency or amelia. When a specific part is missing, it is referred to as longitudinal deficiency.

Amelia is the birth defect of lacking one or more limbs. It can also result in a shrunken or deformed limb. The complete absence of an arm or leg in amelia occurs as a result of the limb formation process being either prevented or interrupted very early in the developing embryo: between 24 and 36 days following fertilization.


Kanya refuses to use a wheelchair and gets around mainly on her skateboard.

Recently, the model revealed that she hopes to continue modelling as she trains for the Paralympics. She’s also writing a book about her courageous journey from orphan to model.

‘I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see,’ she shared, adding: ‘This is just who I am.”

23-Year-Old Woman Born Without Legs Becomes Lingerie Model  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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