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Seattle Seahawks’ star defensive back Richard Sherman recently told reporters that he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, but believes that the issue of “black-on-black” crime needs to be resolved first. (Read/see his comments here.)

Sherman’ s sentiment has ruffled the feathers of many BLM supporters, including ESPN 2 host Michael Smith. On his morning show, His and Hers, Smith said that he respects Sherman and other athletes who speak out on social issues, but that he is “dead wrong” and “needs to do a little more reading,” on the subject.

“This is so counter-productive because it undermines the message and the movement that is Black Lives Matter,” Smith said.

He continued, “Black-on-black crime has nothing to do with crimes against black people by the state,” Smith went on. “I’m just a little disappointed to hear Richard Sherman speak on that and validate the people who think that. We hear that enough every day.”

During an interview with the press, Sherman recalled the crimes he witnessed while growing up, stating that addressing police behavior is not the end-all solution.

“We need to solidify ourselves as people and deal with our issues, because I think as long as we have black-on-black crime and, you know, one black man killing another … if black lives matter, then it should matter all the time.”

You can watch the segment here, via ESPN:

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36 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Draws Ire Of Black Lives Matter Movement [WATCH]

  1. African American woman on said:

    Donna, if you believe that only the cops are out to extinguish all black men, why don’t you wait until dark and take a stroll down the streets of any inner city and see who takes you out first- I’m putting my money on a brother. Now, since the cops automatically hate all of us, don’t call them. Just lie in the gutter waiting for some BLM member to save you. Pathetic fool.

    • Oh, I get it…you are one of those miserable little trolls who don’t have anything productive to say but you spend your sad little life trying to get a rise out of serious and thoughtful people because you think your ignorance and general incompetence can be masked by your obfuscation of other people’so statements. Be gone child…the grownups are talking.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Please child…you’re just another “but I’m such a helpless victim of the white man” whiner. When called to task, people like you go on line, find big words to use and get mad. You do know that that’s what small and testy children do. Don’t get mad because you can’t force people to agree with you. Go stand in the corner and take a 10 minute time out. You’ll be ok sweetheart

    • Interesting you kept saying that I could not name one organization that addresses violence within the black community I did, but you didn’t address that you are using misdirection to get away from the original point. You were wrong. Clearly you are ignorant of the facts…dear and you’re incorrect and I pointed that out, so sweetheart when you are able to sit at the grown ups table we will let you know until then…hush.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Tsk tsk tsk…reading is fundamental, my dear. I answered your point. Now answer mine. Yes activist groups do exist to combat black on black crime…is it working? Obviously not. They need the support of all black people, because killing children, mothers, fathers so on and so on is a HUGE and PRESSING issue. Cops killing black men is an issue that should be looked at, but when you look at cop killings vs. Us killing one another….the latter destroys the former. The problem I have with BLM is that the name is deceptive. All black lives don’t matter only ones taken by cops ( which could,be justified or not). It doesn’t matter…as soon as the BLM folks get word, someone lights the match ready to burn this mother down! If we don’t fix ourselves from the inside out, don’t expect anyone else to treat us any different. Now address that

  2. Lorie Miller on said:

    Richard Sherman is right on the money, and very articulate with it I might add. Black Lives Matters more when there is this constant black on black crime in our communities. Charity begins at home, and Chicago should have been the first place where Black Lives Matters marched or protested, and then from there to St. Louis, Flint, MI, Detroit, Mich, and everywhere other city where there is major black on black crimes. Go Richard!

  3. I am not sure where Sherman has been and the rest of you posting in this thread for that matter but black people are always marching and organizing to thwart the spread of violence within the black community. If there is not some national campaign there is some local group out at night with picket signs and passing out flyers about the issue of violence. The majority of the posters here seem to be sucked into the falsehood that black people only care when white people kill black people when that is just not true and definitely not supported by the evidence. This is just another way to absolve the perpetrators of these violent acts of their reckless behavior. When a person is an officer of the law they have tremendous authority and power and it is up to them to use it wisely. BLM just asks the question, “Why is it when officers deal with African Americans and Hispanics they seem to be more willing to use lethal force than when they deal with other racial groups?” That is not an evil question, that is not a bad question. It is one that needs answers. And frankly with most of the posters on here having such a negative attitude about black people it is not wonder many within the community become upset when an officer kills a black person. As you all have so aptly, if not simple-mindedly, pointed out there is already violence within the black community…we don’t need the help of the police in running up the death toll.

    As I pointed out to another commenters…THE MAJORITY OF MURDERS ARE INTRA-RACIAL but even though 84% of white people are killed by other white people (a very high number) one never hears the phrase “white-on-white” violence. Why? I am afraid that most of you have swallowed the Kool-Aid of black pathology.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Donna, where is your so called evidence that we care when black on black crimes happen? You tell me the name of one, just one, movement that specifically targets our self imposed genocide. You can’t because there isn’t one. Just like you and other victim minded black folks who keep drinking the white man hates me kool aid purposely ignore black on black crime in favor of this BLM. Because to acknowledge that we kill each other at rates than the KKK did over a 100 year span. To make this of importance would mean taking responsibility for the bad choices and internal dysfunction in the black community and WE know that black people would avoid this topic do not want any part of self responsibility. Answer this, BLM folks, if we don’t conquer the fact that a black man is way more likely to be killed by one of his own rather than the cops, how the hell do you expect any one else to respect is???

      • Wow…Mother’s Against Murdered Offspring. They have been active in Charlotte, NC since the early 90’s. They started because there were a number of black women who were victims of a black serial killer. They hold marches and vigils regularly to address the issue of violence within the black community.

        Now…this is just one group and if you were as smart as you think you are you would use Google where I am sure you would find many more. The stunning amount of ignorance your post displayed in just the first two sentences is mind blowing if not pathetic.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    I agree with almost all of these statements, even those who I have disagreed with form time to time. In other words, this is all valid and worth discussing, from every angle.
    That having been said, every civil rights movement in this country from beginning to end has had it’s detractors. MLK had plenty of people who thought his actions were divisive
    Malcolm certainly had his ( and before you get bent) no I am not equating the BLM movement with them) However, from the Chicago 7 to the Black Panthers and every Civil rights organization in between they all faced tremendous opposition so this is no exception. From J. Edgar Hoover to the F.B.I to Nixon’s secret police units, every minority organization has been torn down thru all kinds of opposition. I love Richard Sherman, and I get his point! Love the Seahawks too!! But his summation, while terrific, isn’t new or much different from those who opposed civil rights leaders from back in the day.
    The difference is that now we are in such a hotbed climate of indifference that everyone feels that their point is the only point and anyone who disagrees must be slammed! That, in and of itself is a shame.
    Because black on black crime is a problem, walking the streets and getting shot for no reason is a problem, yes, all of it. But please don’t be nostalgic about the past because as many missteps these young people with the BLM movement have made ( and yes they have made some) They, every civil rights group all have made some from beginning to end, they all had rocks thrown at them, literally and figuratively. They were all talked about, killed , put thru the justice system and so on. This is nothing new. You can hate the BLM movement as much as you like. Slam them at will, terrific! I wish they would do things differently as well.
    But be clear, by doing so it isn’t refreshing, enlightening, or independent. We are repeating the legacy of America and it’s vicious cycle.

    • The Black Panthers is a civil rights organization? How many civil rights organizations do you know that advocated for and killed cops? The Panthers advocated an open carry gun law. Today the left wants all guns confiscated. So the BLM members chanting for “pigs to be killed” should be ignored?

      • At one march some demonstrators yelled chants about “pigs being killed” and you want to say that all BLM supporters and organizers think this? SERIOUSLY?!

      • Also, the left doesn’t want “all guns confiscated”…that is what we call a “straw man” argument.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Don’t forget, Chris, that the number one killer of black men aged 15-34 is homicide ( overwhelmingly by our own) what’s the stays on cop related murders? They won’t answer, they’ll just deflect to a meaningless point to this argument like well white people kill each other too. Yeah, they do, but that response doesn’t help what we are doing to each other and doesn’t answer the question of why we are taking each other out like lions chasing wildebeest

      • What questions? I addressed your straw man arguments. Open carry is the law of the land in most states so I am Not sure what your problem is in regards to the Panthers in this particular aspect. Further I stated that no one is trying to take all of your guns so I am unclear as to what questions remain to be answered.

  5. Kenneth Wells on said:

    Richard Sherman is absolutely correct. If we want black lives to matter, we need to clean up our own yard before we start worrying about the police. If we stop killing each other, then we can begin to concentrate on the issues that hurt us because of the unfair treatment of blacks by the police. Sherman stated his opinion intelligently, and people are getting mad with him. He has seen people in his neighborhood get shot, and that is where he is basing his opinion. We need to look at all aspects of the issue, not just the side that shows prejudice.

    • Why does focusing on one aspect of violence within the black community mean one can’t ALSO be concerned and focused on another aspect as well. It is absolutely ridiculous to talk about black on black crime. MOST CRIME IS INTRA-RACIAL!!! If you are going to be murdered it is going to be by someone that you know, someone who is in your circle. Eight-four percent of white people are killed by other white people but do you ever hear people use the term “white-on-white violence”? No. You don’t.

      The point of BLM is that there is a serious problem when some people who are supposed to uphold the law don’t use better judgement when dealing with black and brown people. I don’t know what is so difficult to understand about that and I also don’t understand why people get a little “hostile” when someone says that black lives actually matter.

      • Timothy Green on said:

        “Stranger killings” aka an unknown person killing another unknown person, whites 67%, black 90% (statistically significant) … your statistics were fairly accurate about the other #’s though, another factor that is not mentioned though is that more whites are killed in police incidents than blacks, this year its 50% white, 28% black & 17% latino.. so the “illusion” that only blacks are killed or being singled out & targeted isnt that simple to prove … make no mistake i myself am a black male, im just not one to jump on the BLM bandwagon & pretend like MOST of the situations in which questionable cop killings occurred were clearcut mean white cops picking on innocent black choir boy versus the dynamic split second situations many of them are

  6. What would you do? on said:

    Whew! This is what I always stress in my comments on this website. Its about time someone else in the media’s eye put it out on the table just as Nia Long did last week. Let the truth be told but the important part of this is we have to accept and not go in denial about it. We need to be accountable and grow into a mature race of people that own up to our mistakes that has lead us in the situation . We can do this my black people. We have a strong enough blood line to not let others corrupt us to the point that we started corrupting ourselves. Hug a brotha or sista today and tell them you love them. Give someone a hug and a pat on the back instead a bullet in the gut. New slogan “Black lives matter….. and it starts with me!” We have to continue to make Dr. King’s dream into a reality and not turn it into a nightmare.

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  8. He is very right. Some only want to protest when a white cop kills a black person, but when we’re killing each other it goes unnoticed…

  9. Black Jack on said:

    wth? That’s what’s wrong with black people now… we need to stick together no matter what. Just because black on black crime happens does not give permission for those that are paid to protect us, never give us our day in court. Those pigs become the judge and jury and kill our asses in the streets then use the same excuse… ” They feared for their lives”. Damn right we should be pissed and ready to burn this mf down. Remember, they are the ones that taught us oh so well on looting, rioting, and killings. Get it together black people.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      “They” is a generalization, let me tell you a secret Mr Jack most cops aren’t out to mess with blacks or anyone else, so lumping all cops into a “they wanna kill black people” category is quite ignorant, that’s the mindset thats used by some to justify violating blacks “well that one ni##er acted like a violent animal, so they all are” … the sad truth that me & others seem to have to keep pointing out is that the biggest threat +95% of black lives is another black person, cops don’t even make up a 1% threat … yet the BLM focuses on that less than 1% versus the +90% black on black .. that makes sense how?

    • I had to read your post a few times Jack to see if you were being sarcastic or not. You’re delusional, misguided and absolutely wrong. You are avoiding the number one pressing in issue in the black community, blacks shooting other blacks, and in stereotypical fashion blame, you everyone else. You want to burn this mother down? You’re burning down black communities, you’re looting and burning down black businesses that may not rebuild, causing the loss of jobs for black people. Your last sentence is just nuts, you say the cops taught people how to loot? SMH

  10. Although I respect Mr Smith’s opinion by stating it thusly some may get the impression that BLM is not an important issue thereby allowing the subject. The subject needs to be discussed.

  11. African American Woman on said:

    Richard Sherman is dead on! Those foolish BLM folks want to force people focus on one small issue ( that may or maybe not an issue). We’re not talking about upstanding black men in their communities who are being mowed down by the cops. But when you have innocent black men, women and children being slaughtered by black men – THAT MATTERS! If the BLM folks only want to focus on cop involved killings, then change the name of your movement to Black lives matter when a cop is involved and gives us a reason to riot. The BLM name is deceptive because it’s not the true meaning of your movement.

  12. Timothy Green on said:

    EXACTLY what ive been saying, the biggest “threat” to black lives is other blacks & that’s sad, how can we expect others to value our lives when they witness our own people slaughtering eachother like caddle … if the situation was reversed & the “shoe was on the other foot” we would probably have the same ignorant mindset .. all lives matter all the time, black lives matter all the time

  13. Seems to me Richard Sherman is intelligently expressing his thoughts for rising above the human ignorance of our past, and moving forward so all Americans can experience and enjoy a fairly happy American life with Safe Fun Streets for our kids to play in.

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