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Dr. Jan Adams is trying to move forward with his life and practice after the death of Kanye West’s mother, Donda West.

10/11/2007 - Donda West - Donda West , Kanye West Mother Arrives at The Chicago Honor Awards in Chicago - October 11, 2007 - Hyatt Regency - Chicago, IL, USA - Keywords: Kanye West Mother - False - - Photo Credit: Daniel Locke / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

And he wants the rapper-producer to do his part for the cause.

During an interview with “Inside Edition,” Adams detailed what happened that led to Donda’s death from complications from cosmetic surgery he performed on her. According to Adams, Donda insisted on recovering from the surgery at home with her nephew, Stephan Scoggins, instead of doing so at a medical facility.

In his eyes, it was a lack of care from Scoggins that ultimately caused Donda’s death in 2007.

“What’s Donda West’s problem? Her nurse wasn’t there,” Adams revealed to “Inside Edition.” “Her nurse was gone to a baby shower rather than take care of his aunt.”

Adams, reading out notes he made regarding Donda’s death, stated that Donda’s caregivers gave her “20 vicodin tabs in less than 20 hours,” in addition to mentioning that her death could’ve been prevented if a nurse was on hand to save her from choking to death on vomit while lying flat on her back.

“This lady shouldn’t be dead,” Adams said. “All you had to do was sit her up. And every nurse on the planet knows that.”

Adams’ comments come as he admits to struggling to make a living in light of his once flourishing practice encountering patients who no longer do business with him after Donda’s death.

“I think I was set up as the fall guy,” Adams said while appealing to Kanye to put an end to his ordeal. “Kanye West can end this by telling the truth. The doctor had nothing to do with his mom’s death. The truth, when you bury it, it just grows bigger.”

Watch below:

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Jan Adams Believes He’s the Fall Guy in Death of Kanye West’s Mother Donda [VIDEO]

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I agree doesn’t sound like this was the doctor’s fault, this could have happened with any doctor she chose regardless of color. Choking on her vomit with no one to assist her was bad but not even her fault. A caregiver should have been present at all times during her recovery. I suggest Dr. Adams does what so many others do when they are cast in a bad light, use their initials or a variation of their name and relocate.

  2. From what I remember from seeing Donda West on Oprah years ago-there was nothing wrong with this woman.

    She was a beautiful full-figured African-American woman! Why she chose to have plastic surgery is beyond me. Maybe she should have done more research regarding the doctors who perform this type of surgery and selected the one most experienced regardless of his/her color.

    So sad that she died from complications of it.

    • No matter what physician she chose, if she left the medical facility against medical advice and was left alone while she choked on her own vomit, even no doctor could have saved her. It’s not his fault. She is dead because of her own bad decision to trust her care to someone who simply didn’t take his job seriously. What could another doctor have done differently? Strap her down and keep her against her will. It’s not Dr. Adam’s fault. The responsibility for her dying lies solely with her decision to ignore her doctor’s advice. I hope he is able to overcome the bad luck of being chosen to take on this case.

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