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ATLANTA (AP) — Tyler Perry recently met with a group of Tanzanian children with albinism who are living in a home the filmmaker helped fund.

Perry representative Keleigh Thomas Morgan said Monday he donated $200,000 three years ago to help build a four-bedroom house in New York for a group of children who had been mutilated for their body parts. The children attended Perry’s “Madea on the Run” play Thursday night at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre, where they met him backstage.

The children will stay there while they receive medical treatment in the United States.

Perry donated after watching a special featuring Elissa Montanti, a Staten Island woman who runs the nonprofit Global Medical Relief Fund for children affected by war and natural disasters.

Montanti recently brought the children with albinism to the U.S. from Tanzania.

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5 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Meets With African Children He Bought Home For

  1. Mr T P , glad to know you are giving back. Kids right here in the U S , as close to my area of town needs help. Seniors need help too. SS checks only go so far and no dental help and teeth are decaying daily. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. You are great Tyler Perry. It is funny how many blacks/African Americans will stink up their noses or act ashame to Africans as if we are better when often times Many (if not MOST Africans) who are here or even in the homeland will be appreciative compare to our black youth here. Yes, we have black youth are are grateful but not at the same rate as Africans kids and people. And again, some of us as black Americans think we are better than Africans (and Africans value education more than Americans. The Africans who live in parts who do not go to school can not go even thought they want to go YET we are here in American and can go for free-not coming out of your parents pocket directly- and many do not want to do it). We are the only racial group who act ashame of our foreign black brothers and sisters and land in which we orginiate culturally/racial from.

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