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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Nick Young allegedly had sexual relations with a transsexual that looks like a Blasian Lil Kim, so teased Shauna Brooks, who was featured in a new series on the ID Channel titled “Indecent Proposal” that aired over the weekend.


RhymesWithSnitch first reported about a messy exchange on Instagram between Shauna and celebrity news site Team Curtains, in which she threatened to expose Nick for enjoying the pleasures of chicks with d*cks. Below is a highlight from that August 17 post, which has since been deleted.

“Say What Girl?! Celebrity escort @theShaunaBrooks is going to need to elaborate! Who knew.. #IggyAzalea’s latest boo thang #NickYoung & transgender #ShaunaBrooks in a hotel room together. . . We won’t reveal what’s in our DM’s just yet, because we like receipts! But she did confirm how much he paid her. She will feature on the show #IndecentProposal this weekend, where she will make the decision to accept an offer from an online media outlet to expose her celebrity client list. . . Should she do it?! Tag Nick let’s find out!”

As it turns out, Shauna took the high road and didn’t spill the tea in the episode which aired Saturday night, and viewers applauded her decision not to tell, with one comment saying, “you made a wise decision, no need to step on people on your way up.”

After the show aired, Shauna took to Instagram to thank Chris Brown. We didn’t watch the show, so we’re not sure why she thanked him. We can only wonder if he called her on the low to beg her not to spill to tea on him, Nick, Drake and others? Shauna also hashtags Drake in another post that blasts certain celebs who didn’t speak out and offer support when her BFF Bianca died.

We wonder what Nick’s fiance Iggy Azealia makes of such “rumors” about him and Shauna? As you know, Iggy and Nick announced their engagement back in June, and she was recently spotted flashing her engagement ring reportedly worth a half million dollars.


Jason Arasheben, CEO of jewelers Jason of Beverly Hills, said: “Nick was very involved in designing the ring. We wanted it to be both a ring of Iggy’s dreams and a ring that fit her personal style. It is always an honor when a client trusts me to help design a ring that symbolizes one of the most important decisions of their life.”

If what Shauna initially teased is true, does Iggy know Nick is into T-Girls? Is Nick paying Iggy to be his beard? Such an arrangement is quite common between downlow rappers and athletes.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos/Shauna Brooks Instagram)