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With the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, politicians are definitely taking notice as they become more acquainted with issues affecting black people.

Just ask Hillary Clinton, who met privately with Black Lives Matter activists last week or Mike Huckabee, who weighed in on the movement during an appearance Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room” on Tuesday (Aug. 18)

While he confessed to understanding the passion of the Black Lives Matters activists and there being an injustice, Huckabee alluded to a lack of respect in the effort as he questioned the movement’s focus on only black lives.

“You don’t do it by magnifying the problems, you do it by magnifying the solutions,” the Republican presidential hopeful told Blitzer. “When I hear people scream ‘black lives matter,’ I’m thinking, of course they do. All lives matter. It is not that any life matters more than another.”

As the interview continued, Huckabee tooted his own horn with mentioning his experience of integrating an all-white congregation when he was a pastor.

In Huckabee’s eyes, the focus of Black Lives Matter should be on injustice instead of skin color. The politician further emphasized his point by bringing in what he believed would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s reaction to what’s been going on with the movement.

“That’s the whole message that Dr. King tried to present, and I think he’d be appalled by the notion that we’re elevating some lives above others,” Huckabee said.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Huckabee in his assessment of MLK’s presumed reaction to Black Lives Matter or do you think the civil rights icon would’ve had a different reaction to what the movement is doing and all about?

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(Photo Source: AP)

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54 thoughts on “Huckabee Feels MLK Would Be ‘Appalled’ By Black Lives Matter Movement [WATCH]

  1. ambientbake on said:

    “MLK Would Be ‘Appalled’ By Black Lives Matter Movement” – yeah, well the primates at the St. Louis zoo are none too proud either.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    C, I couldn’t give a crap of what you think either. You responded to my post, you idiot. Now you get mad because your sorry behind couldn’t handle what I have to say. Fool, I’m black , but just because I’m not some pathetic, woe is me, the white man hates me whiner, I must be white. You sound like some unemployed fat dude who’s mad because you’re stuck in your mama’s basement.Get your head out of your ass, open up your little mind an realize that every black person does not want to be a pathetic loser and whiner like you. Now that’s a disgrace to any race.

  3. AAWW.. B please… I could care less about what u or others feel or think… .. u are a disgrace to ur race! Now go back to the trailer park and stay off BAW!!!

  4. Honestly on said:

    huckabee is a brain dead cave n!@@er. He needs to keep his sh!t hole closed, that’s the space between his chin and nose. These monsters, freaks and savages should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  5. African American Woman on said:

    C, I bet you are some ashy, fat assed, butt crack showing, unemployed loser sitting in your mama’s basement waiting for dinner to be ready. Please, fool, just because many black people don’t agree with you whiny, ” the white man hates me,” pathetic sounding dribble, you assume they are white. If you had any brains at all, you would see how downright stupid that sounds. White people couldn’t give a damn about you are me and I couldn’t give a damn what ANYONE thinks of me because I’m too busy making my life meaningful and successful for my family and myself, while you stuck on stupid fools are sitting around worrying about what white people think of you.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    Cokes, I think you need to get a mind of your your own. Get lips off my butt and try and form an opinion of your own about the article. OR, on the other hand, maybe you aren’t able to. If that’s the case, you have my sympathy, sweetheart. Now get along now…

  7. Yeah Cokes.. AAW is crazy as hell! Probably a fat white women sittin at her computer! Crazy B is always takin out the side of her neck!

  8. African American Woman on said:

    Cokes, who are you? I don’t need you to speak for me. Stay in our own lane back on the plantation with your friends on this post who still seem to think their chained at the ankles and need the approval of white people before they can do anything to help themselves.

  9. DaVinee on said:

    Black on black or white on white crime is kind of like family matters. Once an outsider steps in & harm someone in the family, it takes on a whole new outlook(none of it is right though)……Sorta like Mother/Father whipping the child or brother/sister vs another brother/sister. Some do act like they are superior & you mean nothing(stand for something or fall for anything)

  10. DaVinee on said:

    Black on black or white on white is kind of like family matters. Once an outsider steps in & harm someone in the family, it takes on a whole new outlook(none of it is right though)……Sorta like Mother/Father whipping the child or brother/sister vs another brother/sister

  11. Timekeeeper on said:

    African American woman. It is obvious that you and I will probably never see eye to eye. You can insult me as much as you like. It doesn’t matter. You will never change my mind, and I would not even attempt to change yours. We can just agree to disagree, period. I feel just as strongly ( if not stronger) than you do. You have made your point, and then some. That’s great. I have read all of your posts here, as well as on other occasions. We see life from a totally different perspective.

  12. African American Woman on said:

    Special, must be short for special ed. I’m typing slowly so you can understand. The ignore part was at the BOTTOM or CLOSING of the email. That means that’s the last thing I had to say. Now do you understand??? If not, ask a grown up to help you. Now that you also seem to have the thinking prowess of a 3 year old, I’m going to ignore you too. Oh wait, I forgot to check to make sure you understood.

  13. Timekeeeper on said:

    Special. You are 100% correct. There those who lie in wait and look only for articles such as these do so for the sole purpose of distortion and driving a wedge thru people. They have no desire to have a conversation or dialogue. As you stated they get their rocks off by saying the meanest, low down things they can think of to rail against any minority issues. We all know that inner city and urban crime is a huge problem, no one discounts that. That, of course, is the easiest way for them to change the subject and attempt to legitimize their argument. It is so obvious and yet so many fall for it.
    Im not sure what’s worse, getting paid by the Koch brothers, Liberty for America or some other extreme organization to scour this site all day long and get an alert every time there is an issue to their liking, Or to just have a spirit and heart living inside them already that just desires to speak the way that they do. Either way, what a miserable existence they must live.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Hmmmm. Your hypocrisy is showing again, lol. What are you doing here ranting about ‘ an article like this?’ You seem to take offense to others who don’t blindly agree with your rhetoric. News flash, sweetheart, everyone is not going to agree with you and you are and have never been willing to dialogue with anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Your opinion is your opinion, mine is mine and everyone else is there’s. There’s a difference of opinions from pretty much everyone who posted. Normal, mature people stick to their view but will listen and allow other people to have theirs. Immature and emotionally stunted people speak in passive aggressive terms and try to force their rants down everyone’s throats with the idea that they have to accept your opinion as the absolute truth. I said what I had to say but I’ll ignore you from now on the same way I do when my 3 year old starts whining.

  14. African American Woman on said:

    Timothy, you speak the truth. Unfortunately, the truth sometimes makes people so uncomfortable, they avoid it at all costs and then wonder why what they are trying to do won’t work. It’s just like trying to build a house on quicksand

  15. Timothy Green on said:

    No wonder what our opinions are on this topic, we should ALWAYS speak with logic not like emotional small children… which brings us to my opinion on the BLM movement there’s far too much ignorance & emotion & very little logic steering the ship…. sure its the “in” thing to paint every black person killed or injured by a non-black as an innocent choir boy & the non-black who did it an animal savage .. perfect logic if your 7yo … the BLM “national” voice wants to point out & ridicule the flaws in others yet doesnt want to be ridiculed or accept its flaws, wants to place “black lives” on a pedestal but what about the importance of other lives?? … if i were a non-black individual why would i care to be educated about “black lives” by a group that’s holding the value of their lives above my own?? .. call me an idiot a sell out or whatever else, but atleast insult & belittle me with logic instead of childish emotions

    • Timothy Green, why do “Non-Blacks” put a spin on everything that is brought to the forefront by black protestor?…Why do “non-blacks” minimalize our plight…Timothy, if this was a “century” ago when blacks where getting lynched like laundry hanging off of a clothesline, would you still feel the same way?

      • Timothy Green on said:

        Ken your generalizing, just cause someone is black doesn’t automatically mean they’re out for your best interest & just because someone isnt black doesnt mean they’re plotting your downfall

  16. African American Woman on said:

    Please timekeeper, go back to typing your long nonsensical rants. I call myself African American Woman cause I’m proud to be one. At least I’ll call you out by your screen name, not like some passive aggressive little boy. Go sit down

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Hi africanamericanwoman. I didn’t mention you so obviously you saw yourself. That’s so funny. I am quite used to your rhetoric. Thanks, but No Thanks.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Ummmmm…yeah. Your thinly veiled comment wasn’t that hard to figure out…duh, my screen name is AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN. I guess you thought you were too clever for anyone to figure out???? Like I said before, go sit down

  17. African American Woman on said:

    There was a black 10 year-old child who was shot in the head in Wilmington DE yesterday by a black man…where are the black lives matter protesters? A baby in Philadelphia was shot in the leg as well as his mother by a black man…where are the black lives matter protesters? Oh, I forgot, their lives don’t matter because They were injured by other black people. HYPOCRITES!!!

  18. Timekeeeper on said:

    It has become a recent strategy of white politicians to use and to twist the messages of Dr. King and others to try and create a false narrative where racism is concerned. . It is so funny that tone deaf and racist politicians like Huckabee ( a so called preacher no less) to malign the feelings of Dr. King in order to fit into his narrow minded narrative. There are several things that the Black Lives Matter has done that is wrong, no doubt. While I do understand their cause, they do need some help, especially in the P.R. and discipline department. It has become quite fashionable for the GOP to twist the words of King in recent years . A few years ago, you would never, ever even hear any of them even mention Dr. King. It is only now when minority issues are finally getting some attention that they ( Huckabee and others) would even evoke his name, albeit very disengenuinely. Some people will no doubt jump on this bandwagon because they too have problems with the BLM movement. It isn’t that all lives don’t matter. Of course they do. The difference is that they have always mattered. Black lives have not always mattered. To some people they still don’t. That is the difference.
    While I might prefer a different way to make my presence felt than the way the BLM movement is doing it, it does not mean they are totally wrong. Just like Dr. King and Malcolm X were able to communicate, I am certain( contrary to Huckabee’s contention) I am certain Dr. King as magnificent as he was would have been able to have an accord with Black Lives Matter as well.

  19. specialt757 on said:

    People come on this site, wait for article like this so they can sing the same ole song. It’s like their moment to shine and shit on blacks who “they” feel are doing what they are supposed to be doing. WTF are you doing? Sure WE could do BETTER, no doubt. Maybe if you felt that way you would run for office and make a difference. But of course you won’t because you just like point out all the wrong in our community as if we don’t or are to illiterate to know. Keep singing that song, hope it makes you feel superior.

    • African American Woman on said:

      You mean people like you? And if not being a perpetual, woe is me victim is being superior, than bow down, cause I’m a queen.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Hi Special, they are easy to spot, aren’t they. especially the ones who use ethnic names in order to mask their hostility.

  20. African American Woman on said:

    Soooo…any one who is not black who states their opinion about black issues that black people are trying to ahove down everyone’s throat is racist??? How cynical…the same people you call racist are the same people some black people ( some of us are smarter than this nonsense) keep trying to appeal to. Talking about beating a dead horse. Black people will never be truly free, successful or independent until we go inside of ourselves, fix what’s broken and recreate our vision of success and progression. Now watch people call me “white” or “racist”

  21. Huckabee needs to stfu with his RACIST azz!!!!

    Dr. King would be proud of Black Lives Matter–if only they were better organized.

  22. We do not know what MLK would think. HE is dead and gone and no longer a threat. Even when he was alive, MLK was called “a problem maker”, “trouble maker, etc. I agree with AA women that we as blacks need to do better in our own communities; however, that still does NOT mean to overlook what some law enforcement and others are doing wrong. As for the black live matter, that is said because historically, OTHER lives mattered when blacks were overlooked. If people would have been following that logic (all lives matter) from the start, we would not be in this fix today.

  23. African American Woman on said:

    Oh please Dawn and straightnochaser. That’s the problem. Why are you so obsessed with talking to white people about race. If you and people like you would stop obsessing about white people and what they think of you, you would be able to,focus on yourself and black people and what we can do to better ourselves. But then you couldn’t call yourselves victims of the “evil white man” sad and backwards people

  24. Most white people just don’t get it. Talking to them about race is like having a conversation with a inanimate object. It’s not possible. I don’t waste my time.

  25. African American Woman on said:

    I agree with Huckabee. I don’t and won’t support any “life matters” movement when the folks involved in the movement are only concerned with certain lives in their own movement. It’s extremely hypocritical when you have black people being annihilated by their own on a daily basis and their lives don’t matter because that would mean taking responsibility for our own actions. We know that ain’t happening. Perpetual victims don’t want any part of responsibility because that would mean they would be accountable for their own behavior and there’s nothing to protest when you are accountable and responsible.

  26. Timothy Green on said:

    Personally im not a supporter of the BLM movement because alot of the participants due seem to want to want portray the value of one skin color over another versus NO MATTER WHAT DAMN COLOR YOU ARE YOUR LIFE MATTERS & YOU SHOULD BE TREATED FAIRLY, the name BLM in itself doesnt even allow itself to incorporate others under the umbrella … only BLACK lives … my 2 cents

      • MacBen on said:

        If you would get your news from more than one source you would know that is not true. Police have killed more whites than anyone else this year- and all others. You never hear about it because it doesn’t sell newspapers and get ratings. Don’t take my word, research it yourself. The justice department, FBI or a simple Google search will get you straight.

      • Timothy Green on said:

        Read what Macben said, possible police “overuse” of force is not just a black issue, just like if people would educate themselves on the laws police are given quite a bit of discretion of when they’re legally allowed to use deadly force, just because someone is unarmed doesn’t mean a officer using deadly force against them is “wrong” per the law, in the same way that if a private citizen is being attacked by an unarmed person & fears for their life they can also legally use deadly force against their aggressor/s, …. if you would do your research you’d see there have been QUITE A FEW non-blacks “shot down like dogs” this year by police violence, but as Macben stated but aren’t “headline worthy”… So as ive been saying ALL LIVES MATTER …. sorry i won’t succumb to the “lifes so unfair because im black” song & dance … YES there’s racism & discrimination sometimes involving law enforcement, but alot of these incidents aren’t just simply “whitey wanna kill black folks” although that headline has a nice spin to it for the BLM movement

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