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One year ago today, the nation was outraged when an 18-year-old unarmed black male named Michael Brown was shot to death during a confrontation with a St. Louis police officer.

On the anniversary of Brown’s death, his father, Michael Brown Sr., led a peaceful protest in honor of his son. Brown led the protest with nearly 100 people, beginning at the Canfield Green Apartments, where his son was shot. The group ended the protest at Normandy High School, Brown’s alma mater, where he graduated just a few days prior to his death.

Complex reports:

The march started with a group prayer at the memorial site; Michael Brown Sr. has been organizing this and other events (like yesterday’s event to feed the homeless and tomorrow’s silent walk) through his family’s nonprofit. After the prayer, the group marched the five miles to Brown’s school, with Da Warehouse Warriors Youth Marching Machine leading the way. “It means a lot,” said the mom of two girls in the drumline. “This is a teaching moment to the kids to always stand up for something.”

Several more photos of the protest were shared on social media:

Rest in peace, Michael Brown.



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