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It looks like Rashida Jones broke Robin Thicke’s heart way before Paula Patton did.

The actress stopped by the new Apple Beats 1 radio show hosted by Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig and somehow got on the topic of that time she asked Robin Thicke to a junior high dance and then rescinded the request to go with Al B. Sure.

“I was 12, 13. His dad was on ‘Growing Pains’ and my mom was on ‘Twin Peaks’ at the same time so we met at an ABC party and we flirted and exchanged numbers, landlines obviously,” Jones recalled. “I called him and asked him to come to junior high prom with me. And then for whatever reason, I don’t remember this, he reminded me of this a few years ago, I called him back and said, ‘I’m so sorry. You can’t come with me because Al B. Sure is actually coming with me.’”

The daughter of Quincy Jones explained Sure was a family friend who was probably trying to be nice, but it wound up not happening.

“So you didn’t get to go to the dance with Thicke or Al B. Sure,” Koenig concluded.

“I didn’t. I actually worked the door! So sad.”

Really! They Dated?
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