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Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell probably didn’t expect to catch her husband cheating on national TV, to no longer be recording as the duo that made her famous, or she’d be writing a book. But all of those things, she says were in God’s plan.

“I never imagined that I’d be doing what my sister is doing. That’s her thing. I’ll be here with Mary Mary. It’s time for Mary Mary to get back onstage. It looks like God had different plans for me so now I got a solo project and a a book. It’s where my heart is, it’s my passion and I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t my passion.”

Tina struggled through the public disclosure of her husband Teddy’s infidelity on her WeTV reality show Mary Mary. She says she was a devastated in real life as you see on TV.

“I was utterly devastated by infidelity in my marriage. It felt like I was losing my mind as everything I thought my life to be, wasn’t.When you’re crazy, mad and want to kill everybody, you’re not really the most faith-filled person.”

Fortunately, the two have reconciled and they celebrated a happy Father’s Day this weekend.

“He’s always been an incredible father even when I wanted to hate him and disrespect him, I had no grounds. He is hands down one of the most amazing fathers I’ve ever experienced. He’s so good to my kids. They think he’s everything and so do I.”

Tina’s CD is called It’s Personal and her book is called I Need A Day To Pray and yes, both drew from her experience with her then-troubled marriage.

“While I was trying to heal from the devastation of my marriage, this book and this music came out of it. I thought I was just trying to uplift myself, dance around the house and have a different attitude in the middle of my turmoil and there were so many songs and that I was like this is something. The book is literally what I was praying over myself for over a year until my life got better,” Campbell says. “So both of them were very personal. The Bible says the holy spirit is your help, the holy spirit will comfort you and teach you all things.”

You can buy It’s Personal HERE. 

You can buy I Need A Day To Pray HERE. 

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