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Rev. Al Sharpton talks the increase of gun violence around the country and how Chicago protested the anit-violence movement.

“We have the unwelcome task on dealing how we are shooting and killing each other. We need to increase on the ground working against those that have exploited the forces that

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9 thoughts on “‘Shooting & Killing Each Other Is The Cowards Way Out’ – Rev. Al Sharpton

  1. John Q Public on said:

    And this is coming from a known FBI confidential informant aka snitch. Black people consider the source.

  2. George on said:

    Damn! Specialt757, you said it all! Amen and let’s keep the dialogue going, it starts with a conversation!!!

  3. specialt757 on said:

    “Then why don’t you solve the problem of Black people who do not like each other Al Sharpton?” Not just one person in the black community has this responsibility. All of us do. If you see a crime being committed, do something about it, it’s not up to others to fight our battles. We have the strength, resources and mindset to do this ourselves.
    You either like Al or not, that’s your business, and not the issue. However, we don’t need leaders to do the job of cleaning up our streets. We can start within our own small community. If you see one in need or troubled, teach him/her, become a mentor, someone they can turn to. Let them know they have options. It’s a lot of lost souls out there. I know it’s tough because you think people aren’t listening, but you’d be surprised to know, they heard you. You may never know, unless they come back and tell you. But don’t sit back and expect action or change when you do nothing but complain. Be proactive.

  4. Then why don’t you solve the problem of Black people who do not like each other Al Sharpton? There are many of us in the Black community who have lost jobs due to some other Black person who does not like the way we look.

  5. Linda on said:

    It must be self-hate that makes a person of color shoot and kill someone who looks just like them.

    Back in the day the way to settle a dispute on the street was to stand toe to toe and fight with ones fists. Not today-everyone is walking around the streets with guns and will not hesitate to use it over
    any minor offense–i.e. stepping on ones $200 or $300 sneakers, looking at them the wrong way, or any other thing that is deemed a sign of “disrespect.”

    So sad! Then if you are apprended by the cops, stand trial and are sent to jail for the life that you took and no matter how much time you may serve-can never get back!

    We are doing nothing but making the Aryan Nation and KKK folks happy everyday that we commit “urban genocide.”!!!!!!!

    In addition, we are also wasting precious ammo which will be needed when the revolution comes-
    Others will be armed to the teeth-we won’t be!

    • The KKK and Aryan Brotherhood may be rabid racists, but they aren’t stupid. They knew negroes would eventually kill each other off. They also know that there will be no need for a revolution, because we will have already done their job for them.

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