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Kristoff St. John, star of “The Young and the Restless,” is suing the mental health facility where his son Julian committed suicide last November, claiming the hospital was negligent in its supervision of his son.

24-year-old Julian killed himself while getting treatment at La Casa Mental Health Hospital in Long Beach. He was found dead in a bathroom with a plastic bag over his head. Three weeks prior to his death, Julian attempted to asphyxiate himself with a trash bag from his room.

In the wrongful death suit, Kristoff says after that failed attempt the hospital never removed the trash bags from his room. The suit claims staffers were supposed to check on Julian every 15 minutes because he was a high suicide risk, but records show they were falsifying records by logging welfare checks before they even happened. For instance, Julian was pronounced dead at 1:44 PM, but nurses had already logged 6 welfare checks between 2 PM and 3:15 PM.

Kristoff feels if the staff had “acted with even the slighted regard for Julian’s safety, he would still be alive today.”

Julian was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18. In a 2013 profile on Julian’s art, the Huffington Post noted: “Julian knows what it is like to feel lonely, off-kilter and claustrophobic… He has endured bouts of severe depression since he was a child.”

Shortly after Julian’s death, his mother Mia posted the following statement on Sqor Sports, a social media website for athletes.

“Our son was the light of our lives, an artist with a beautiful mind and spirit.” Mia, a boxer, wrote. “He fought long and hard against an illness for which there is no cure.”

“Unfortunately, the pain became too great for him and I dare not say he lost the battle – he simply chose to set himself free. My fight for mental health will continue. They may not find a cure in my lifetime, but we can try and prevent the loss of another beautiful soul.”

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(Photo Source: Kristoff St. John Instagram)