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Do you remember Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona mom whose teary-eyed mug shot went viral last summer after it became national news that she left two of her children – just 2 years and six months at the time – in a hot car while went on a job interview in Scottsdale, Arizona?

The 35-year-old mother of four pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse in order to avoid a second count, which prosecutors dismissed upon her agreement. Taylor has been given the lengthy probation sentence of eighteen years so that both her youngest children will be adults by the time her probation ends. She will also have to complete parenting classes as part of her sentence.

Taylor was at first pled guilty to one count of child abuse. But after a crowdfunding campaign raised over $100,000 for her and her children, Taylor missed two deadlines to put the money in a trust fund as part of plea agreement. It has been reported that the mother of four spent some of the money helping a boyfriend out with recording costs for his rap career. reports:

Her defense team has said she wants to move to Chicago, where she expects to have financial support.

Prosecutor Faith Klepper said the state was concerned about Taylor’s sense of responsibility. She said Taylor lied during the trial, claiming to have been living in a car when she was really living with family, Klepper said.

Klepper argued Taylor was offered jobs as she was trying to get employed, but that those opportunities were wasted when she refused them.

Klepper also said that Taylor, who once blamed her inability to secure work on media coverage, invited media attention with press conferences she held during the last year.

But Taylor’s defense attorney, Valeria Llewellyn, said Taylor did not turn down jobs, and that “efforts were made and interviews were attended.”

“Cameras and microphones are thrust in her face … she felt compelled to defend herself,” Llewellyn said.

Llewellyn said Taylor’s status as a military veteran left her with a mentality that makes it “hard to admit that things aren’t working out.”

But what do you think? Is 18 years of probation too long? Should the sentence be reduced? Or should Taylor have to face prison time?

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14 thoughts on “Hot Car Mom Shanesha Taylor Given 18 Years Probation

  1. People are so stupid and judgmental. 18 years probation? That’s like a prison sentence. If this had of been a white woman, there is no way she’d have received 18 years of ANYTHING. Except a slap on the wrist and all kinds of counseling, therapy and financial resources. And it kills me all you people saying what ‘poor people’ lack when this countries’ whole economy is screwed up not b/c of poor, black women like the woman in this story, who have very few resources, but by rich, sociopathic, entitled pscyho white men, who continue to use the fed reserve and the US treasury as their personal banking institutions, who then are bailed out by you same dumb taxpayers–who NEVER say anything about this. Who bailed out the big 3 auto makers, wall street, the predatory banking institutions,who apparently sit up night and day, thinking about ways to fleece poor dumb schmucks like you fools, who sit here in judgement of this sistah, who made a damn mistake, yes, but she wasn’t in a damn crack house–she was in a job interview! Black people continue to be our own worst enemy. We give the biggest criminals in the world –white men & the US govt, a pass, while casting all kinds of judgement on our own. Dummies.

  2. Just because you can birth them doesn’t mean you should be a parent. Where was the rapper boyfriend when she had to leave 2 of them in a hot car to go on a job interview. Advice before becoming a parent. Have a kid based on YOU being FINANCIALLY prepared to care for it, not based on a man promising you that he’s going to take care of it. If he leaves, it’s still yours!

    • RENO2AC on said:

      D. King, you are so right. Poor people do not have life insurance because they can’t afford it, but everybody in their household has an expensive cellphone and/or expensive “gym” shoes.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Amen! not just “gym” shoes but ones that cost $200 plus a pair. I work everyday and can afford them, but I’ll be D.A.M.N. if I pay that for shoes.

      • specialt757 on said:

        RENO2AC poor people can afford life insurance, but their priorities are just not in the right place. They’d rather make sure these designers have luxury yachts and homes in the Islands, while they’re living barely paycheck to paycheck or other.

  3. Deranesha on said:

    Maybe she doesn’t really know what she is doing. Even though she has four children, that doesn’t mean she has this parenting down packed. So, maybe her probation should be reduced, and extend her parenting classes.

  4. 4Real on said:

    I think she should be held accountable and pay back money that was intended for her and her children that she used for her boyfriend. Take the remaining funds out of her care and place in a trust with a custodian for her kids. Really helping a man with a rap career Wow! priorities!!!

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