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Let’s be clear about something: Janet Jackson never left her throne. She just took a sabbatical. And even though today is her birthday, she is giving us presents. The legendary singer took to Twitter yesterday to inform us all that she has been paying attention to our calls for her return, and she will come out this year with new music, a world tour, and a new movement.

The singer used the #ConversationsInACafe in her Tweet so many are wondering if that will be the name of the album. And speaking of the album release, according to website, Hip Hop Vibe, there is reason to believe that the album will be ready by July 10th! But we cannot confirm this for certain so don’t circle that date on your calendar just yet. Either way, maybe we’ll finally get a song of summer this year that’s not sub-par. (Iggy Azalea, I am looking straight into your “fancy” eyes.)

But back to the queen. What do you think this movement will entail? Do you think there will be some social justice themes surrounding her new music? And what is the significance of “Conversations in a Cafe?” All will be revealed in due time, but till then, I’m going to let my imagination run wild so the anticipation doesn’t kill me.

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9 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Returning to Music [VIDEO]

  1. Whatawaste! on said:

    Show these wanna be’s how it is done! I’m so sick of these untalented people running around trying to sell tickets to a 40min show and when that doesn’t sell they revert to pulling their clothes off. Looks like somebodies 15 minutes of fame is up!!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t think she can compete with the younger generation. Her fan base is older, 40ish crowd. But they are not the ones buying a whole lot of music anymore, really not much going on in R&B anymore. I’m very interested in what she will come out with. She will definitely need to do a collaboration with somebody, like Mary J and Sam.

  3. RENO2AC on said:

    She’s going to have to “bring the noise,” because these “youngsters,” i.e. Bey, Ri, Ciara, et al, pretty much have it on lockdown.

  4. October on said:

    Good to see she is coming back with new music. It would also be good to have someone who can stand toe to toe with Beyonce.

  5. Linda on said:

    I’m looking forward to hearing new music from Ms. Jackson and possibly seeing her on tour.
    It would be nice if she also invited her brothers on tour with her so they can make some $$$$.

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