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A photo of a young Maryland boy handing out bottles of water to police has gone viral.


And while we’d like to think the reaction would be positive, we received mixed messages from our friends over on our Facebook page.

Pauline Hibler Awesome young man!

Patricia Darlene Johnson- Boliver-Hartman Good boy. Show people love.

Christi Fotheringham That’s cute but that kid needs to get his a** home!!! What the h*ll is wrong with his parents letting him be there

Trudy Robinson I hope they kindly took it and didn’t think anything “fishy” was going on.

Joseph Joe Louis Snorgrass One photo of kid giving water to police and people are acting like he’s the only one with a heart. Let’s be realistic here. I like what he’s trying to do but he ain’t the only one acting positive

Martin David Cowie The Child is a propaganda trick.

Bridget Cagle Let them mother f***ers perish!!

We want to hear from you — good move or should he just stay out of harms way?

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Images From Baltimore: #FreddieGray
30 photos

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(Photo Source: Facebook)

13 thoughts on “What Do You Think? Maryland Boy Photoed Handing Out Water to Police Officers

  1. he didn’t take it thou, but there is another pic of another office holding a lil white boy , the media is something else , they love to make the innocent look guilty , and the guilty look innocent , they are still trying to say this man inflicted these injuries on himself , and now another inmate said he was trying to hurt himself to , there is no way and I mean no way he could have done this to himself , how did he break his leg? how did he crush his voice box ? he was stomped on his neck , that’s how! and last but not least ! how did he break his back ? oh I’ll tell you , he was stomped and beat up before he was put in the van!

  2. I thought it was a nice thing for him to do , I was wondering if the officer took the water. I have to get back for a minute , this stuff is so , so depressing . I am so tired of all the killing , I want to see justice .

  3. Clay Lomax on said:

    Starting Free, free, free. Unbelievable, but true. Register free and get your Bicoins for FREEEEEE!!! No questions and no excuses. Again! It´s free. Yes, free. No risk. Just fun. It´s free.
    This is where to start………. JOBS-FASHION.­Ⅽ­O­Ⅿ

  4. African American woman on said:

    Unfortunately, he has a much better chance of being shot down in the street from someone who looks like him and grew up in the same community

  5. Timekeeeper on said:

    IT’s a nice gesture. However, I wonder what would have happened if Mr. Gray had asked for some water while they were braking his neck. Where was the water for Eric Garner when he said “I cant breathe”? All of these comments both pro and con are legit because it is how people see things from their own lense. As nice as this gesture is, I cant help but wonder if the script were flipped would any one of us be given a bottle of water?

  6. Linda on said:

    I wonder if any of those RACIST PIGS accepted the bottle of water from the kid?

    Personally, I wouldn’t spit in their asses if they were on fire!!!!!!

    • How do you know those cops are racist pigs? The same way they know you’re a drug dealing thugging, thieving, lazy, welfare getting, baby mamma daddy with 12 kids from 10 different baby mammas that you don’t take care of who’s on parole for shooting a rival gang member? Is that how you know these cops that this little boy is offering water to are racist pigs? That’s what happens when you judge someone by the actions of others. You get judged.

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