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A Michigan eighth grader who was taunted with racial slurs on a school bus says he’s afraid to return to school, where the bulliers have returned with no more than a proverbial slap on the wrist, according to WDIV-TV.

The station reports that Bloomfield Hills Middle School honor-roll student Phoenix Williams says he doesn’t really feel safe going back to school because “both of them are going to be there,” according to the station.

Willliams captured two of his classmates calling him a “dirty ni***r” on video on the way on a field trip,  and said that no one spoke up to challenge the profanities being used against him.

Raw Story reports:

The eighth-grader said he took out his cell phone March 13 and recorded the pair turned around in their seats and harassing him. “I’ll give you a piece of candy if you call Phoenix a dirty n****r,” one of the boys says.

Another boy grabbed his hat and tossed it toward the back of the bus, and the teens threatened to break his phone if he told on them, Phoenix said.

He said no other students spoke up in his defense.

WDIV reports that Williams’ mother contacted police, and an investigation was opened, and that the Oakland County District Attorney is looking into possible “ethnic intimidation” charges. In addition, Bloomfield Hills School District Superintendent Robert Glass said action against the boys was taken but the never revealed the specific punishment, which is looking unacceptable to some folks including Williams’ mother Shanari Williams.

Shanari says she doesn’t believe the school is safe for her son, who is an honors student. Phoenix has been working at home since the incident. Raw Story reports that Shanari said she believes one boy was suspended for two weeks and the other for two days, but both teens had returned to school by this Monday.

The parents of one of the teens released a statement: “As parents we are both embarrassed and disappointed by this inexcusable behavior by our son. Under no circumstances do we condone such behavior.”


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144 thoughts on “Michigan 8th Grader Racially Bullied On School Bus, Captures It On Video [VIDEO]

  1. Jazzdancer on said:

    What! Phoenix is way too soft. He is definitely not from my hood. The two white boys would have received a good ass kicking before they finished the last “r” in the N word. They picked who they picked on and I bet they never say a word to the Corner Boys at school.

    • “The two white boys would have received a good ass kicking before they finished the last “r” in the N word”

      Yeah, but only if you had them outnumbered 10 to 2. That’s the typical ration negroes require, isn’t it?

  2. Wow, what happened to you that your world is filled with such hate. You are spending hours, days researching slanted facts and figures to further your cause.
    Do you have a life, wife, children, mother, family. I think not. You spend your life on ways to spew hate. Your FB page is full of Researched articles on Backs and your hate-filled comments. this is your world.
    You need to make a “a more normal” life for yourself.
    Also seek counseling, not to change your mind-heaven forbid- but to deal with your all consuming hate and anger.

  3. Gov. George Wallace on said:

    Awe the poor black kid is getting bullied. I’m sure some fried chicken, collards, corn bread, black eyed peas and purple drank will cheer him up.

  4. Let’s identify this problem with these 2 bastard kids, punks, whatever you want o call them. I prefer Bastard because they obviously don’t have fathers, at least father as in guidance and teaching role. providers. I am white and I was lucky to come from a family where I learned to respect others, no matter any differences in myself and them. RESPECT! Got it, if not GET IT! This kid was being punked by a couple of punks that probably live in some hick house raised by racist bigots. The punk kids are products of this. I wish we could round all of this ilk up and give them their own place where they can kill each other off! This world has no place for these morons. I am also tired of being thrown in the kettle with these bastards just because I am caucasian, white, cream colored , european ancestors. Bigots have no specific color, they come in every variety. Maybe we can give away free chewing tobacco or free subscriptions to ‘the bigot life” magazine, assuming that they can read…lure them into a nice mud hole where they can live amongst themselves. This is not going to be fixed with slaps on the hand or insulting words I know. Yet i do believe that it can be defeated, God help us find that way soon! As a white person I call upon all white people and people of all color to call this out when you see it happening. Who were the chaperones on that bus/ Who was the driver? You telling me that nobody saw these 2 punks? WAKE your jelly ass’s up! Stop it now!

  5. johns0110 on said:

    I would just like to say that you people like Peter Johnson or whatever his monkey name is shouldn’t be on this website. He needs to go to his KKK website and go on about his business. I find him to be like a 2 year having a little piss-fest. Awwww look at the little baby with all his crying. But when you look past his ignorance and not comment he looks like the complete fool that his represents himself to be and as the bible always stated those that are first will be last and those that are last will be first. And remember African Americans have always being considered last but as the bible said we will be first. So he has to say what he feels he needs to say to make him feel better about his pathetic self. Bless his little heart he is such a pitiful soul.

  6. harvey-harv on said:

    Whites teach evil things to blacks who really need to wake up out this witch craft spell on the blacks whites are warlocks,witches true story they know and I found that out I don’t mess with them they don’t mess with me if they do pop’s goes the weasel like he would me .

  7. I don’t understand why this child keeps saying that none of the other children stood up for him. If grown bus drivers aren’t allowed to step in in some states, why would you think young children would? Most of them are traumatized by the actions of these little hoodlums, and they are afraid. They risk being bullied or hurt themselves and should not be held responsible for taking up for anyone else. I’m glad you taped it, now keep fighting for justice.

  8. Peter Johnson, you are a very angry person! With all of your posting and your statistics, you are still just as irrelevant as you were before you did all of that. Blacks feel sorry for you when they read your posts because they picture your insides and they see you as a white racist who would be one of the heads of the Ku Klux Klan. If you have children, how would you like for them to see you as that? If you don’t have children, thank God. I understand your hate, it’s in all of us, but to demonstrate it in public on a public forum is so beneath you or anyone else. Your ranting won’t change anything. History has already been written, and it will turn out just the way it’s supposed to turn out. Calm down and learn how to love.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      He is acting like a little punk b!tch. Where is his daddy? On the flip side, I bet his own friends call him the same or worse…pitiful.

  9. klysha on said:

    Is it possible to block that racist troll Peter Johnson from commenting on these posts. He’s not here to contribute positively to the conversation. Who moderates this site?

  10. Fleta Wright on said:

    My nephew went to this school, He put the story up on Facebook when it happened He also wrote that He is not surprized. I was very surprized by this and my nepews statement, I guess that I thought that they live in a nice area, and that they should be protected from this, I guess that I was wrong.

  11. harvey-harv on said:

    As a black man in the USA I try not to let the ideal the world is against us and only us we must be special like the slow kid everyone picks on.the world is filled with devils

  12. > FACT #31: The rate at which Blacks commit murder is thirteen times
    > that of Whites; Rape and assault, ten times. These figures, as given
    > by the F.B.I. reports, vary somewhat from year to year but fairly
    > represent the trend for the past decade.
    > FACT #32: According to the justice Dept, 1 in every 4 Black males
    > between the ages of 20 and 29 is currently in prison or on probation
    > or parole.
    > FACT #33: Though only 12% of the U.S. population, Blacks commit more
    > than half of all rapes and robberies and 60% of all murders in the
    > U.S.
    > FACT #34: Approximately 50% of all Black males will be arrested and
    > charged with a serious felony during their lifetime.
    > FACT #35: A Black person is 56 TIMES more likely to attack a White
    > person than Vice Versa.
    > FACT #36: Black rapists choose White victims over half (54.9%) of the
    > time, 30X as often as Whites choose Blacks.
    > FACT #37: The annual report from the Department of justice shows that
    > when Whites commit violence they do it to Blacks 2.4% of the
    > time.Blacks, on the other hand, choose White victims MORE THAN HALF
    > the time.(3)
    > FACT #38: In New York City, any White is over 300 TIMES MORE LIKELY to
    > be assaulted by a gang of Blacks than is a Black by a gang of Whites.

    • Eunice on said:

      Fact #39 – Someone needs to kill your ass and the sooner the better. The quicker they send your ass to hell the better off this world will be. And yes – I am advocating that someone kill you!

      • Peter Johnson is very lonely. No one is promoting hate towards another race. However when a child is attacked by another child may be an indication that hate is taught by an older adult. I am so glad this child has been trained to act appropriately fighting is no always the answer. This young man will do well in life.

  13. > FACT #1: The White race has crossed seas, harnessed rivers, carved
    > mountains, tamed deserts, and colonized the most barren icefields. It
    > has been responsible for the invention of the printing press, cement,
    > the harnessing of electricity, flight, rocketry, astronomy, the
    > telescope, space travel,firearms, the transistor, radio, television,
    > the telephone, the light bulb,photography, motion pictures, the
    > phonograph, the electric battery, the automobile, the steam engine,
    > railroad transportation, the microscope, computers,and millions of
    > other technological miracles. It has discovered countless medical
    > advances, incredible applications, scientific progress, etc. Its
    > members have included such greats as Socrates, Aristotle, Plato,
    > Homer,Tacitus, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, William the Conqueror, Marco
    > Polo, Washington,Jefferson, Hitler, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Magellan,
    > Columbus, Cabot, Edison,Graham Bell, Pasteur, Leeuwenhoek, Mendel,
    > Darwin, Newton, Galileo, Watt,Ford, Luther, De Vinci, Poe, Tennyson,
    > and thousands upon thousands of other notable achievers.
    > FACT #2: Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African
    > Negro has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a
    > calendar,a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of
    > measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the
    > pure-blooded Negro.)He is not known to have ever cultivated a single
    > crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many
    > powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means
    > of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head. For
    > shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the
    > construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.
    > FACT #3: The I.Q.’s of American Negroes are from 15 to 20 points,on
    > average, below those of American Whites.
    > FACT #4: These Black\White differences have been demonstrated
    > repeatedly by every test ever conducted by every branch of the U.S.
    > Military, every state, county, and local school board, the U.S. Dept.
    > of Education, etc.The same ratio of difference has held true over a 40
    > year period.
    > FACT #5: With an average I.Q. of 85, only 16% of Blacks score over
    > 100, while half the White population does. The Negro overlap of White
    > median I.Q.’s ranges from 10 to 25 percent– equality would require 50
    > percent.
    > FACT #6: Blacks are 6 times as likely to have I.Q.’s of 50 to 70which
    > put them in the slow learner (retarded) category, while Whites are ten
    > times more likely to score 130 or over.
    > FACT #7: The U.S. government’s PACE examination, given to
    > 100,000university graduates who are prospective professional or
    > administrative civil-service employees each year, is passed with a
    > score of 70 or above by 58% of the whites who take it but by only 12%
    > of the Negroes. Among top scorers the difference between Negro and
    > White performance is even more striking: 16% of the white applicants
    > make scores of 90 or above, while only one-fifth of one percent of a
    > Negro applicants score as high as 90–a White/Black success ration of
    > 80/1.
    > FACT #8: Differences between Negro and White children increase with
    > chronological age, the gap in performance being largest at the high
    > school and college levels.
    > FACT #9: White/Negro I.Q. differences are constantly excused as
    > results of environmental variations. but at least five studies that
    > have attempted to equate socio-economic backgrounds of the two races
    > indicate no significant change in relative results. As environment
    > improves, the Negro does better but so does the White. The gap is not
    > decreased. In fact, extensive research by DR. G.J. McGurk, associate
    > Professor of Psychology at Villanove University, reveals that the gap
    > in intelligence between Blacks and Whites INCREASES where socio-
    > economic levels of both races are raised to the middle classes.
    > FACT #10: In 1915, Dr. G.W. Ferguson took 1000 school children in
    > Virginia, divided them into 5 racial categories, and tested them for
    > mental aptitude. On average. full-blooded Negroes scored 69.2% as high
    > as Whites.Three-quarter Negroes scored 73.0% as high as Whites. One-
    > half Negroes scored81.2% as high as Whites. One-quarter Negroes scored
    > 91.8% as high as Whites.All of these Blacks lived as and considered
    > themselves “Negroes.”Their environments and “advantages” or
    > disadvantages were exactly the same.
    > FACT #11: Results of the Army Beta test given by the U.S. Army to over
    > 386,000 illiterate soldiers in WWI showed Negro draftees to be
    > “inferior to the Whites on all types of tests used in the Army.”
    > Additionally,tests were conducted upon pure Negroes, Mulattoes, and
    > Quadroons. It was found that “the lighter groups made better scores.”
    > FACT #12: Studies conducted with identical twins raised apart in
    > radically different environments provide conclusive evidence that over-
    > all influence of heredity exceeds that of environment in a ratio of
    > about 3to 1.
    > FACT #13: Even when Blacks and Whites have the same backgrounds,in
    > terms of family income and childhood advantages, Blacks still have
    > average I.Q. scores 12 to 15 points lower than comparable Whites. This
    > includes cases where Black children have been adopted by White
    > parents. Their I.Q.s may be improved by environment, but they are
    > still closer to their biological parents than their adoptive parents.
    > FACT #14: Equalitarian ideologists often discount I.Q. test results
    > with the excuse that they are culturally biased. Nonetheless, NO ONE,
    > not the NAACP nor the United Negro College Fund, nor NEA had been able
    > to develop an intelligence test which shows Blacks and Whites scoring
    > equally.

    • J Russell on said:


    • Peter Johnson, from where did you copy/paste all of these ridiculous, misleading 1-14 history facts? I bet you could not wait to share facts about a race you know nothing about. Maybe you are a Black African Negro and you just want to see the responses to your post. Well, whatever race you are, how about to pick up a history book then read it; instead of googling, cute and pasting nonsense facts.

  14. Lets start with not naming your kid with a name like Phoenix!

    Of course he will teased and ridiculed throughout his life, good luck finding a job!

    Go by your middle name . . . hope its better.

  15. All this race shit is getting old. I can remember growing up and going to a school that was mostly black . I remember riding my bike through a group of about 10 of them and next thing I know I was getting punched in the back of my head. This happened more than ounce. This is the kind of thing that happens when they were in large groups. I didn’t go tell the world and cry about it.

  16. s a newton on said:

    As a mother of of mixed race grown children(black/white/native American),and grandmother to same I must say I am ashamed of the way kids today are treating each other. For these boys to think it was ok to talk like this is wrong…but I think that if the position was reversed, and it was black boys calling a white child ” junket” nothing would be done. This needs to be a two way street

  17. To our subject now……..Are whites superior to blacks?

    My political “correct” answer :

    1. Whites head to head with blacks (rest races excluded) dominate and win over 90% of sports at the Summer Olympics (major sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Golf etc and minor sports like long distance running for example included) and nearly 100% of the medals in the Winter Olympics. The gap between the two races in Extreme sports, Auto and Motor Sports etc is unmatched as well. All these are facts, now if you want to doubt or deny them to feel better, then go ahead.

    2. Scientifically, militarily, technologically, politically, economically and so on, whites have conquered (multiple times) the world, have colonized, have invented pretty much everything we use, have produced the greatest warriors in the battle field, the greatest generals, the greatest empires, went to the space, went to the moon, explored and conquered the oceans, the highest mountains, builds the greatest monuments and buildings, produces the greatest mathematicians, philosophers, explorers, scientists, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, actors, models, singers, music groups, painters, composers and so many more million things.
    It’s no secret that the western civilization that every subhuman from Africa wants to be part of (by having a position in white societies and a white OBESE woman as a trophy) is a creature of the white man!

    3. Looks wise, the white human is by far the most desirable and diverse worldwide, has the biggest variety in hair texture, in colour of the eyes, in colour of the hair, the most beautiful features (that black women ala Tyra Banks, Beyonce etc take nose jobs to have a “white” nose) and so on. The vast majority (95% plus) of models, beauty queens in Universal pageants, sexy symbols even in Jewish dominated fields as Hollywood and so on have been traditionally white .

    4. Fashion wise that blacks funnily claim to be imitated from white boys……….Who designed jeans? Pants? Jackets? Hats? What’s the race of giants of the field such as Dior, Chanel, Calvin Clein, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and 99% of them pretty much? How dare you to make such claims when your people’s fashion has been leaf covers son and all you do systematically is copying our culture, style and fashion?

    5. Inventions and contributions to society……..Do you really want me to go there now with you? A simple example, white man invented boats, trains, spaceships, sonars, planes, electricity, computers etc while the black man’s greatest invention is peanut butter…….You do the math son!

    6. Manhood, bravery, ambition etc the white man has no match there too. He has achieved what rest races don’t even dare to think and usually out of jealousy and envy say “Look what the crazy white man does” simply because they wish they could do and achieve all the white man has achieved, but they know they can’t!
    I will go one step further and I am afraid that this claim of mine will be against my ideology and the whole Jewish propaganda of porn, but check even in the porn industry, how 95% of the male performers, award winners etc are white men with great bodies and HUGE “heart” if you know what I mean………Where are all these “gifted” black men? Again even in that field, you are the slightest minority! John Holmes is considered to this day the “longest and harder” ever……..even that myth surrounding your race is ALL FALSE!

    My NON political correct answer :

    After all I said, you will probably come back either with a verbal insult, or even worse if we spoke face to face, you would try physical violence against me, with fatal result for you ending being emasculated and beat up, healing in a hospital (speaking from personal experience).

    Now if you were trying to speak back civilized and say the common nonsense I have been used to hear from people of your inferior kind such as :

    ” The white man stole this from us, we had the greatest empires named UCHO KUCHO and Zandia Keylia, the white man enslaved us and he’s the reason we are in such position today blah blah ”

    My answer would be simple as that……….Mother nature teaches us that the bigger, smarter, more capable and stronger fish eats the small, dumb, weak, pathetic one. You should know such rule, since you use the name of Darwin, who was one of the men who believed in such theory with a passion………all I am trying to say is, by crying out loud how white man did this or that to you, how he conquered your land, enslaved you and so on, all you do really is verifying the basic rule of nature

    Bottom line, the black man was conquered, enslaved and dominated from his white boss for a reason, if the black man could, he would do the same or even worse in my opinion and if you make a historical research you will find out that various African tribes tried plenty of times to conquer and enslave Ancient Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta and more.

    To close this, when I see a black man crying for what happened in the past or making questions of the kind you just made, all I see is black men with hidden anger, frustration and extreme jealousy, simply because your ancestors failed to be as dominant as our ancestors……….You can’t be all about “peace, diversity and equality” but the vast majority of your inferior kind celebrating openly with joy and pleasure the so called upcoming extinction of the white race …….That proves to me what I already know, that all your kind (and the Jews of course) truly is, is a bunch of cowards who want domination and power, but are not willing to fight and conquer it with glory just like whites usually do and will do again one day.

    Have a nice rest of the day sir!

    • crystal myers on said:

      These white boys harassed this young man because he is an honor student and they are stupid and jealous of him. Sounds like you are lacking in smarts yourself Jethro, inbreed much?

    • James O' Malley on said:

      @ Peter Johson Are you writing a Bio? Get A LIFE! You are an ignorant bigot who has done NOTHING in life and you angry. F##k You!

    • Shannon on said:

      @Peter Johnson…you are such an idiot! I’m going to believe that you are just be sarcastic here but if you are not here you go….If blacks were allowed the opportunity, oh they would dominate…believe me. Every sport they are given the opportunity to play, they dominate (Tennis, Golf, Football, Basketball, Track, the list go on and on) if blacks were into hockey believe me they would dominate that too.
      Maybe you need to read more to learn what blacks have done for you and your household. Blacks invented the elevator, refrigerator, guitar, so many things that the history books do not teach….why??? Because white America want people like yo to think the way you think!
      Blacks talked about their everyday struggles and added music to it, called it rap and your children are making rappers very wealthy today because of it.
      White women have no problem with marrying and dating Black men, so for you to say undesirable…that is a joke. You tan to become darker, white women have surgery for their lips, cheeks, butt, boobs, to look and have what black women naturally are born with. Blacks come in many shades, are hair has various textures.
      You only dominate because you crippled and handicapped blacks for years, you speak of slavery, yeah the same white men that raped black women and the same black enslaved women who raised your are too funny “little man”.
      Yes you dominate in being serial killers, serial rapist, serial snipers, you commit suicide at a higher rate because you can’t handle like struggles, just kill the entire family why don’t you.
      I’m not prejudice, I love all people but this is just directed to “you” a lonely little man who hides behind a computer and spew his little nonlethal venom to promote hate. Grow up, get out more and remove yourself from that little bubble you live in, and oh yeah…grab a book and read, educate your mind!

    • Shannon. The truth hurts u black panther racist! Fact 60 percent of black kids are paid off by welfare! Fact 75 percent of the worlds aids carriers are Black’s! Fact while 12 percent of the us population blacks commit over 50 percent of murders! Fact blacks are 4 times as likely as whites to kill their children! Shall I continue black panther racist?

  18. next time, don’t suspend the bullies………..expel them………then let’s see what school will admit them…..of course, they will just grow up to be even bigger moronic dumb asses

  19. White America is very threatened by black people having the potential to rise above, and be independent and successful. It has always been “fear and jealousy.”. That is why whites didn’t want the blacks learning how to read and write during slavery. America, ” Land of the Hate.”

  20. Once again, “You Will Reap What You Sow.”. Put another way, ” What Goes Around, Also Comes Around.”. It’s all. a matter of time.

  21. Ha! For every one incident the black racists and white liberals find like this, I’ll find 10 where a white is physically assaulted by blacks on a bus or in school. You can find these videos all over Youtube. Fact is, 90 percent of interracial crime in this country is black on white. Now I’m supposed to feel sorry because this poor baby was called a racial slur. Please. Blacks are the most violent racists on the planet, bar-none!

  22. Whites teaching their children hatred is setting them up to be dysfunctional in society. Bullies usually end up on the wrong track. “Laugh now, cry later.”

    • If you really think its only whites than your a sheltered idiot. I bet most of them will grow up and do something with there lives. End up educated, respect the LAW and would protect them selves and there family’s at any cost (deadly force). Now who is going to be doing the crying?

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