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Dr. Phil Wants A Do-Over Interview With Nick Gordon

Meeting with Nick Gordon once just wasn’t enough for Dr. Phil. Apparently the good doctor wants another one-on-one interview with the troubled boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Dr. Phil revealed to Access Hollywood he thought he was going to speak with Gordon about the incident on Jan. 31 which lead to Bobbi Kristina being hospitalized after being found non responsive in her bathtub. Instead, Gordon’s mother Michelle, relayed to Dr. Phil, her son and a friend of his and Bobbi Kristina’s went out the night before and got into an argument when they returned home. According to Michelle:

Nick walked away from the argument. He went to another bedroom to fall asleep,” while Bobbi “went up to her room and drew a bath.

Michelle goes on to say Gordon and Bobbi Kristina’s friend Max Lomas found her facedown in the tub and Gordon performed CPR on her “for 15 minutes” when the police arrived and didn’t attempt to help until the EMT’s arrived.

Dr. Phil claimed Gordon was so out of it an interview wasn’t possible and an interview with him was out of the question. Dr. Phil stated:

He’s talked about not wanting to go on, because of his pain,. He says the pain that he has suffered from the death of Whitney [Houston], the situation that Bobbi Kristina finds herself in, the guilt he says he feels over letting them down because it’s his job — he felt — to protect them. And it was certainly, he said, his job to protect Krissy.

After the intervention, Dr. Phil checked Gordon into rehab and claimed if everything worked out and Gordon is clean and sober, he wanted to talk with him again. Dr. Phil revealed:

I want him to sit down, clear-eyed, sober, focused, and answer some very genuine and focused questions about what he knows and how he feels about it.

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Dr. Phil Wants To Interview Nick Gordon AGAIN; Marvin Gaye’s Family Is Reviewing Pharrell’s Hit Song “Happy” To See If It Sampled From Another Song & More was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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