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Russell Simmons thinks Geraldo Rivera needs to shut up when it comes to talking about how hip-hop affects the Black community.

Geraldo called Russell by name this week when he dropped by Huffington Post Live, where he argued that hip-hop has been more detrimental to Black people than racism. Most of us are still rolling our eyes over the ignorance of his statement, but Russell had some choice words for the FOX News host.

The Def Jam mogul isn’t terribly bothered about the opinion that hip-hop has alienated Black people from mainstream jobs and career success, considering the source. Russell put all of his zen on the shelf to tell TMZ that Geraldo “hasn’t done sh*t to help people.”

Besides, Russell believes that Geraldo is just trying to stretch out his shine from “The Celebrity Apprentice.” He explained, “After losing, he needs to just talk to get himself relevant.”

Who knew Russell could throw shade like that?!

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4 thoughts on “Russell Simmons Slams Geraldo Rivera For Criticizing Hip-Hop’s Impact

  1. anything geraldo says is always a way to put black people down, his little mind fall to see crime started with whites kill blacks when blacks was slaves. he works for foxs news and they have little minds . him and donald trumps and sarah palin speaks for the GOP that hates black people. e

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Geraldo is not relevant period. No one should really care what he has to say. I’m guessing someone asked Mr. Simmons his opinion on Geraldo mentioning him by name so he had to respond. But Geraldo’s views and opinions of black American is so very unimportant.

  3. Geraldo Rivera needs to GSTFD he knows that Hip-Hop was destroyed in a meeting in 1994 behind closed doors, No more do we have conscientious Hip-Hop with the like i.e Public Enemy, KRS1 or NWA just to name a few the current was all designed by the White Male establishment notice the difference in lyric from White Artist compared to Negro Artist. Ever noticed when rappers are killed no one is ever arrested? think like a chess player they know who killed Tupac and who killed Biggie Smalls, Remember young Berg this fool was Robbed in just about every city he toured it’s like he was on a get robbed national tour. Cameron was Car jacked and no arrest remember rappers have police task force following them around the clock. Whenever they are robbed, jacked or killed no one is ever arrested and usually in a very public place with no witnesses coming forward. Go here:

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Russell Simmons is spot on in his assessment of Geraldo Rivera. In fact, Rivera may be the worst journalist of all time, including Brian Williams ( at least he had the good sense to go away) Back in the day, Geraldo made a big deal about opening up Al Capones basement on national TV. Only to find nothing but empty beer bottels, no doubt as empty as Rivera’s brain. Then, he made the unforgivable remarks regarding Trayvon Martin and his Hoodie. Now, when you don’t think he can be any more of an imbecile he says this. Lastly, to show his true cowardice, he goes to Fox News ( where else?) to spew this nonsense. No doubt, he’ll get a few colored folks to go along with his twisted logic, just enough to keep folks divided which is their ultimate goal anyway. But Geraldo Rivera, once a very good journalist a very long time ago has lost his relevancy and looks for racial one liners to keep his career alive. And now that he is appearing with Donald Trump on celebrity apprentice, he is truly licking the basement floor.

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