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Editor’s Note: who originally reported and gathered the data for the list of “The 25 Most Dangerous Colleges” has released the following statement regarding inaccurate information in their findings:

We identified an error in the original analysis of the data used in the Feb. 3, 2015 report on dangerous colleges in the United States, which resulted in an incorrect ranking of colleges. The following is an updated report which has corrected the previous error, clarified the criteria and methodology used, and resulted in a new ranking.

We’ve reached out to the various publications that ran stories using the original data to provide them with the updated rankings.

Furthermore, we have updated our list from below with their most recent updates including the removal of The University of Redlands.


Have you ever wondered how Historically Black Colleges and Universities ranked in comparison to PWI’s? Check the rankings out below.

25. Oakwood University

24. Hampshire College

23. Kentucky State University

22. East Texas Baptist University

21. Grinnell College

20. Pomona College

19. Livingston College

18. Presbyterian College

17. Sewanee-The University of the South

16. Hiram College

15. Claremont McKenna College

14. Oregon Health & Science University

13. Franklin College

12. Occidental College

11. Wilmington College

10. Reed College

9. Saint Augustine’s University

8. Swarthmore College

7. Shaw University

6. Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

5. Gallaudet University

4. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

3. Central State University

2. Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Barranquitas

1. Benedict College

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7 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Most Dangerous HBCU’s In The Country Are…

  1. Whew! Glad my dear Southern University system, Baton Rouge campus in particular is NOT on this list…… Good Job SUBR!!! But it is a shame that these schools are listed with such issues. Crime should not be on a college campus. These are supposed to be kids looking for higher education, not criminal activity or being the victim of such.

    • P.Camper on said:

      It’s not really the college kids committing crimes, it’s those that live around the campus. Realize that most HBCUs are literally ‘in da hood!’ So it’s not that surprising.

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