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I’m a hater; for today at least.

I’m not one normally.

You guys know that.

And I’m hating on the TV show Empire.

I hate that show.

Wanna know why?

I hate it because it keeps me up to watch it on my DVR or On Demand when I have to wake up early for The TJMS.

I hate that Terrence Howard gets to play Cookie’s husband instead of me.

Yes, I’m hating on Terrence too.

I hate that I’m not in it.

I hate that Raven Symone gets a guest role on the show and I don’t.

I hate that it wasn’t on TV a long time ago.

I hate that it took so long for a show with a mostly Black cast, which remind me of the characters on Dynasty in the 1980’s, took until 2015 to gain wide acceptance from the American public.

I hate that it took so long for a show like this one to come around which unapologetically shows positive images of Black gay men and Black gay women to the masses.

I hate that the show gets criticized for having the nerve to show gay men and women kissing and that test audiences reacted negatively to those scenes before the show even aired.

Much of that reaction happens because people spread and listen to nonsense like this from Boyce Watkins:

“You got one son who is gay, which is fine to be gay. At the same time there is a consistent effort in Hollywood to emasculate the black male. Chris Rock made that point very clearly and I agree with him that black men who are masculine with bass in their voice, heterosexual males don’t tend to do as well in Hollywood as men who are gay or men who are promoting a gay agenda. Let’s just be clear about that.”

Then somebody needs to tell that to Denzel or Morgan or Laurence or Sidney or Jamie or Samuel or James Earl or Eddie or Idris or Billy Dee or Will.

You get my point.

By the way, how much or little bass is in your voice or being masculine has nothing to do with sexuality

I know plenty of effeminate straight men and plenty of masculine gay men.

I hate that it seems to have taken forever for a TV series to show relatable characters and experiences from the rap and hip hop music industry.

And I hate that some people who love to criticize don’t understand that black families are just as nuanced and complicated as any other family and that the masses need to see it.

“Apparently that’s what black people are. We’re former drug dealers turned hip hop moguls, married to women who went to prison named Cookie, ok, fine.  Nothing wrong with going to prison.  I know some people who went to prison who are actually very good people, but that’s not a reflection of the entirety of our community.”

Well, you got the last part right.

No show is reflective of the entirety of our community, and I don’t think Empire is even trying to be that.

I hate that Black actors, actresses, directors, producers and writers don’t get the leeway to just be creative, unpredictable and evolutionary when it comes to projects like this and in other professions like journalism.

I hate that some people are trying to put Lee Daniels and Taraji P. Henson in a box, a black box.

Cookie don’t play that and neither does Lee Daniels.

Keep going.

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72 thoughts on “Don Lemon Confesses: ‘I Hate Empire’ – And The Reason May Surprise You

  1. Sinatra Jeter on said:

    Don Lemon says “I hate that Raven Symone gets a guest role on the show and I don’t.” What role does he want to portray? Maybe the following comments gives us a hint.

    “I hate that it took so long for a show like this one to come around which unapologetically shows positive images of Black gay men and Black gay women to the masses.” Someone commented that Don likes to kiss men and I didn’t know whether to believe the commentator/comedian or not but the truth can be hidden in many ways. Don’s mostly positive comments about the show reveals how he can play tricks with words to hide his true identity of being an unapologetic critic of the black race as a whole except for the image he has of himself.

    • Joanne Hendy on said:

      Don Lemon is gay, everyone knows that. He has been “out” for a long time. He is not trying to hide “the truth”.. whatever that means.

  2. I hate that immoral lifestyles, including homosexulaity, is being shoved down our throats by means of television shows like ‘Empire’. I hate that I’m considered judgemental just because my Christian conscience won’t allow me to accept those lifestyles. I’ll never accept gay relationships the same way I’ll never accept heterosexual couples who live together. Again my Christian conscience won’t allow it.

  3. I love how people who can’t stand Don make it a point to watch or listen to him.I don’t like Rush Limbaugh so I don’t listen to his show or read his interviews.

  4. I won’t speak to Don’s personal opinions; which weren’t surprising, considering the source. Anyway, it’s his right to have them; as it is ours to have our own. What I will do, however, is post a comment I posted on another article on similar topics that were touched on in the article and comments board.


    In my opinion, one of the reasons homosexuality has surged the way it has is because the religious have led the way, attacking it with “God” like it’s a plan of the devil; instead of using science, to face what could simply be a genetic mutation (or otherwise). “God” (regardless of what deity you believe in) can be disputed as theory or myth for the many inconsistencies and hypocrisies concerning religion. But, science–once research evolves from hypothesis into evidence–is indisputable.

    This is NOT an attack on religion. It is simply a fact that spirituality, even according to religious texts, relies more on faith and hope than proof and fact. And while there are many benefits to the lives of those who embrace religion as a method to improve themselves (and I’m not disputing that); still, religion has proven to be a jagged edged tool when used to dispute homosexuality.

    Arguments like “the bible says you’ll go to hell” or “it’s a sin because God said so” may be sufficient enough for those who share your beliefs, and that’s fine. But, it isn’t sufficient enough for those outside that group on the issues at hand. You can’t force it like that. It’s the wrong approach. You’re trying to solve a biological puzzle with a theological solution. That’s like trying to understand astronomy by studying astrology. It won’t work.

    This is also not a slur against gays, but a scientific hypothesis concerning genetic anomalies and hormonal imbalances. As an agnostic myself, I side with neither the religious nor gays. I stand on logic. And to me, logic dictates that men were created with a penis, and women, a vagina. Put the two together and life is created.

    It is the logic of nature that speaks loudest, showing each species its function on the terrestrial plane in which it exists. However, I do believe the gays who say they are born the way they are; but I don’t praise homosexuality. Sure, they are brave to come out in a world that can be violently discriminating against them. Hatred of anyone for their difference is never justified. That said, I don’t view homosexuality as an unexplained evolution within certain segments of the population that we need to just accept without question.

    Instead, I view it as a possible genetic mutation. An anomaly that could be the byproduct of a number of viruses within the genome that cause imbalances and disruption of the natural state of hormones. I believe we should study it as a condition. If you put the sperm of two gay males underneath a microscope with a female egg, my hypothesis is that instead of the sperm mating with each other, it is most likely they would fight over the female egg.

    Why? It’s because sperm’s function, at its core is to mate with the female egg to produce more of its own kind. It’s necessary for the preservation of the species. It is the natural process. If males were to suddenly grow wombs full of eggs, and females, penises with sperm-filled testicles, then I would accept homosexuality and lesbianism as evolution. But, as of now, while I do agree it is ridiculous for the religious to simply “condemn them to hell”, I think it’s equally negligent to not at least focus on studying it as an affliction.

    Why? Well, some people are born with schizophrenia. Should we not try to treat it? Some others are born bipolar. Should we just leave them be? Should we simply come up with promotional campaigns and parades and have Lady Gaga make a theme song saying “I was born this autistic way”? No. We push the message that Autism is incorrect. How do we know this? Who are we to say so? We are an intellectual society that utilizes science, research and logic to compare the statistics of natural to unnatural and average to anomalies.

    We look at the number of humans born with natural functioning brains versus the number of afflicted humans born with illnesses such as autism, down-syndrome and others. So, while it is true that the hatred against gays does need to cease; I believe the research into this anomaly must be increased. Questions must be asked. Not “are they sinners?” But, more provable inquiries like: Is homosexuality a natural evolution? Is it the primitive stage of a unisex human species slowly taking place–or–is it a clever and elusive genetic affliction that simply needs a cure?

    Debates over the politics, culture and religious ramifications of homosexuality get us nowhere. Hate gets us nowhere. Let’s put our scientific data where our mouth is and work to solve this once and for all. Because, unlike the simple religious argument “God said gay is wrong”; science can tell you what nature and biology says and give you the proof either way–without bias. Just my two cents. Thanks for reading.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Danny while I’m not qualified to argue with your assessments below that the anomaly of homosexuality and the possibility that this is a form of genetic mutation, what I do have an issue is the phenomenon of “being gay.” It’s almost as if this is the thing to be like some sort of fashion statement, here today, gone tomorrow. How many times do you see women especially, have relationships with men throughout their life, have children and then all of sudden they wake up one day and another woman is who they want to be with. It’s a joke. I cannot speak to what God’s plan is for homosexual, my guess is nothing or the same as it would be if they were heterosexual.
      What I do know is, and as you eluded to in your example below, male sperm will never “mate” with other male sperm to create life, this goes against the natural order of things and almost every species I’ve heard of. And how do you explain, “humans” being the only animals that this anomaly is found in? Or is there another such animal?

      • To: specialt757, yes, kate1221 is correct, the Ram is one of many animals who practice homosexuality; so is the Ovis aries (domesticated sheep). According to a myriad of experts within the scientific community, there are over 1,500 animal species that practice homosexuality. But, many of them admit that these findings must be labeled with an asterisk because many of these reports are based on account of human interpretation of these phenomena. Which is basically fancy talk for “We think we saw this behavior, but we’re not sure.” That leaves it in the hypothesis phase. Not proof.

        Bottom line, even among the animal species, homosexuality is a rarity by comparison. And as I stated earlier, comparing and contrasting, surveying and observing are how scientists and doctors research in order to go from hypothesis to evidence. In this case, so far, the evidence does show that homosexuality is a cross species event. But compared to the overwhelming number of its heterosexual counterparts, it also proves that homosexuality is classified as more of an anomaly than evolution. This and a series of other data compiling methods along with numerous levels of research are how scientists determine if it’s an affliction or biological revolution.

        As for the cultural phenomenon of being gay you eluded to, that’s part of what I was referring to in my first comment. I believe the “gay pride cause” was intensified by the discrimination they received from many of their attackers (predominantly the religious community). Many of them are angry (and justifiably so) with the way they’ve been alienated and are simply defending themselves. This is what happens when you attempt to extinguish a fire with gasoline. Condemning them with scriptures like they are possessed and in need of an exorcism probably isn’t the smartest move. Neither is threatening them with hell.

        The media was once used to display traditional views at every turn. Now, it is being used to defend liberal views at any costs. With the religious types attacking the gays’ sexual orientation with threats based on theology instead of asking inclusive questions based on scientific curiosity; they’ve made it a matter of violating gays’ civil rights instead of a possibility of revolutionizing medicine and human biology.

        As for the “I’m-straight-today-gay-tomorrow” types you mentioned; I can’t speak to those out there who “dabble” in homosexuality and view it as a fad. If it’s more of a “get-in-with-the-trend” moment for them, then they don’t represent the true gay community. If they claim to be “bi-curious” which is what plenty of them have stated to me, then they probably deal with a separate genetic issue or hormonal imbalance similar to the full on version. But as I stated, it’s all hypothesis until adequate research and testing can be done to reach the eureka point.

        Lastly, if we truly want to understand homosexuality, not simply the cultural interpretation or emotional perspective, but the biological truth behind what causes it and what it is; we have to stop attacking and judging gays and instead work together with them to figure this thing out. We can’t be afraid to ask the questions about it. And we can’t be afraid of the answers we may find, It’s not about good/bad, right/wrong, holy or evil. It’s about finding the truth–whatever that may be.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    IanRousseault you keep saying you’re black and I actually believe that your skin tone is black. Your mentality is what’s so jacked up. You say you like TJ but if you ever listen to him, you would know he is pro-black all the way. He and JAB are silly and corny as hell but they clearly don’t have your attitude towards blacks. You are one of those blacks that white people can have, you know like Charles Barkley, Stacy Dash and Tiger Woods.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      I’m proud to stand with black people such as them, that represents intelligence , success and articulate ! Just as long as I’m not identified as ghetto and stupid!!!!!!!

  6. Really guys you guys are getting too deep…Its just a show geez…Stop it already…Might I add that it is a great show!!! Easily one of my favorite shows.

  7. Caroline on said:

    An all black cast…who cares, or an all white cast for that matter! I don’t care who is in the cast as long as they are great actors…sadly, Hollywood casts those who agree with their agenda!

    As for the continual portrayal of homosexuals on TV and in film….God is watching and He will have His say! And God help us all if we continue to validate this sin!

  8. I hate that all the important roles are being played by women who are mulatto, light skin, or white. The only 2 dark skinned women are unattractive and obese or overweight and ignorant. Lee Daniels has a track record for making dark skin women look unappealing.

  9. I hate that I have to listen or see or read or be subjected to a complete glossing over of the wrongfulness of homosexuality. How many children are you having conversations with who are looking to you for what is right and wrong, and whom God Himself assigned to you to be led to the Kingdom, and yet you shirk your very responsibility by nodding your head at a perverted and secular world. You have every opportunity to stand up for the Word of the Lord, and instead you turn away from it. Listen for the cock crowing—because it is coming.

  10. I am so glad that someone mentioned Dynasty and Dallas. Yes, any of us who are old enough to remember those shows watched it, even just a little. Those shows depicted rich white people in a very negative light, however it isn’t indicative of ALL whites. Duck Dynasties and Honey Boo-Boo’s are shows at the other end of the spectrum. Empire is NOT indicative of ALL blacks with power and /or money. These shows portray a small segment of people, black, white, red or green, we all have it around us, 24/7!!!

    And Blackish is just a pretty boring and complacent show. It is indicative of the way of society is going with interracial relationships and the ultimate blending of cultures, but the show is lame, period!!

  11. I watched the first episode of Empire when it first aired on Fox out of curiosity. The following Weds night I was so turned off by the negative portrayal of how the young male rapper disrespected Our current President Obama. It was insulting to the first family and me for sure. I immediately turned it off and never looked back. Also I hear from others that the shows also diss other black importance that are admired by most of us with good understanding of Fox negative motives. Why do our black artist have to stoop so low to keep a job or to get 1? I prefer to watch Blackish. But you notice the Empire shares around the same time slot? Empire is more of the update of the New Jack city of gangsters, hoes and negative life of criminals, hustlers, gays and greed. Remember, Denzel Washington got his “award” for playing a bad rouge cop in Training day and Halle Barry got hers for being a jump off trailer park chick in Monsters Ball.How far have we really come?

  12. I would difinately have to agree with cynthia “Who keeps giving Don Lemon the floor to speak publicly about his person opinion? who cares what he likes or dislikes.” and if blackish is being canned its not becuz of us its just not funny nor entertaining and I do love me some Ms traccee e Ross! shes the BOSS! 🙂

  13. specialt757 on said:

    One thing is for sure, my Wednesday nights are definitely more entertaining! Just like the Dynasty’s and Dallas’ and the multitudes of other dramas that have been on TV for as long as all of us have been alive. Get a grip, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. The great thing about America is, it’s a free country. Love or hate it!

  14. specialt757 on said:

    Don didn’t say that there was nothing wrong with going to prison, this was a quote from another source. He was referring to the last part of the paragraph when he says “Well, you got the last part right. No show is reflective of the entirety of our community…”

  15. I, for one, don’t like either homo or hetero hyper-sexuality on network TV. Why can’t that remain on premium channels?

    I dislike the show because for some reason Lee Daniels felt it necessary to depict positive images of homosexuals alongside negative stereotypes of heterosexuals. Was that necessary? Could there not have been a homosexual ignorant thug and a positve straight character? What about both of them being ignorant thugs? Or both being respectable? No…can’t have any of that.

    With all the negative images of Blacks on TV: pastors pimping the Gospel, so-called real housewives, and the like, must we have another minstrel show, and one from a critically acclaimed writer/producer who could have chosen to do otherwise? And yes, there are the Honey Boo Boos and Duck-whatever’s. But for every depiction of White ignorance, there are 3-4 depictions of respectability. Meanwhile, Blackish is at risk of being canceled because Negroes would rather see images that portray the baser characteristics of themselves.

    The whole thing is disheartening…maybe White folks are right about Blacks. #SaveUsLord!

    • Oh and how in the world does the NAACP give Taraji an award for her role as “Cookie?!?!?!” Her character represents the “Advancement of Colored People?!?!?!” #MercyLord

    • @Jah: Personally I don’t give a rat’s ‘A’ what White people think. White people don’t get to define me(as Black person). We are all individuals. Who died, and made White people Chief of defining Black people? #1 ALL BLACK PEOPLE DON’T THINK, NOR ACT ALIKE!!

      • Ivan Cohen on said:

        Let the memo be issued…permission slips from white folks aren’t needed anymore to define what is funny for blacks. Doubt that the actors will lose any sleep over it either.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Consider who the writers are when their names are listed on the credits. What may elicit chuckles and guffaws from white audiences with white sitcoms is not always going to hold true for sitcoms with characters who happen to be black. It does not take a rocket scientist to laugh until their sides bust at slapstick comedy. Heaven forbid if laugh-tracks get reinstated on comedy shows.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Kates1221 I agree with. I started watching blackish and then started recording it but found I only watched when nothing else was on. I like Tracee & Anthony but the show has not been able to keep my interest.

  16. i like terrence howard doe a good job in acting, i still have not seen the show but from what i hear it is good . now let 50 cent come on as a guest .

  17. it's my opinion on said:

    Amen! There is absolutely something wrong with our young men going to prison. I’m only referring to the one’s who don’t deserve to be there. They may have made a one time mistake for something petty, and instead of given them a second chance with probation or community service, a lot of them are being sent directly to prison for years. I’m sorry. I’m not a fan of the show either for a number of reasons.

  18. Not sure what your thoughts are, but I feel like Don Lemons was saying that because a person was in prison does not make that a bad thing or them a bad person. The idea and experience is not good, but does not reflect the person. A person going to prison does not make them a bad person as well as a person that has not gone to prison, does not make them a good person. There are some people who should be in prison that has not gone yet. Also, there are some innocent people in prison. The problem with going to prison is that the world judges, but God does not judge. He is a God of many chances. The world continues to convict you even after you are free, you are still in prison because the world continues to judge, preventing one from being employed, having this attitude of being better because you have not been in prison. Oh, for the grace of God that you have not gone yet, but could be there, should be there, and still have an opportunity to go there. Do not judge, because it could be you, your family, your friend, etc. Some of the same people that are convicting others – judges, jury’s, prosecutors, police officers, politicians, etc., some of them should be there as well. Don’t judge, lest ye be judged.

    • @Cynthia. Obviously some people like to hear Don’s opinion. Uuuuuuuuuh he’s a weekly commentator on the show. And, for the record I’m not saying that we have to agree with everything he saids; anymore than we have to agree with (all of) any other commentator’s comments. Go Don! Keep it coming.

    • @J: I hear yeah……Don is a cutie. However, even if he was straight (generally speaking) the chances of the average person meeting him is pretty slim to none because celebs usually don’t travel in the same circles as average people. I like Don’s spirit, and down to earth personality. I know a female that met him at a public event, and she said he is just as down to earth in person. Go Don….live your life, and ignore the (un-happy….need to get a life) haters. LOL LOL

  19. Don Lemon, let the haters keep hatin. They are very miserable folks – in other words – bad company. I get what you’re saying about Empire. It took how long to get show with a predominantly black cast. A show that reflects a slice of real black life. It’s not the whole damn pie people! I am so proud of our black brothers and sisters who bring the REAL to the screen. They deserve our KUDOS for being the brightest and the best and they be “doin the damn thang”!!! All I have to say to them is keep bringing the REAL

  20. AND don lemon head is an idiot usually he hate on us, he only likes it cuz it shows his lifestyle, faggot, if it didnt have all these gay scenes then he wouldnt be interested either he would be throwing a WHOLE LOT OF HATE ON IT NOW SOMEBODY DISPUTE THIS!!!! YALL KNOW IM RIGHT ABOUT HIS ASS HE HATE ON BLACK PPL ALL DAY LONG ALL THE TIME DONT CARE FOR LEMON HEAD?

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Your words ring true Kim. I am not hating on Don Lemon as some would suggest, However if this show were completely about heterosexuals only, I don’t think Don Lemon would be defending the show so vigorously. In fact, he might be putting it down.

      • I am not saying this out of HATE–but the truth. There is at least one gay character on every show on TV. If anyone knows of an all-hetero cast, please inform me. Again, an observation, not hating. This is because the gay community wants to be represented in Hollywood and on every show or they will boycott. This group yields ALOT of power and they ain’t afraid to show it!

  21. Im still trying to like this show but idk…… not going to hate on none of em because I do like the guest apperance of some of my fav’s. still going to keep watching and hope that it sparks my intrest so far not really but damn what else do we have?…..blackish……..ummmmmm still trying to like them too, lets hope they give em both time to develope cuz right now i watch them both when i remember and if I’m not doing anything else, not to mention they come on at the same time, and am I right to say those are the only two shows we have? I miss GIRLFRIENDS!!!! LIVING SINGLE, BERNIE MACK, MY WIFE AND KIDS, MARTIN, AND MY FAVORITE ROSEANNE IJS 🙂 🙂

  22. Love the hip hop vibe. I thought they were the ones blasting gay people, but I was completely wrong. I hate that this is such a good show!! Go Cookie!!

    • I agree with you. However when I started hearing about Empire I had it confused with the show on Starz called Power. I don’t get Starz but they rerun it on Encore so I thought I was watching what I thought was Empire. However Power is great also.They have a lot less music and there are no gay characters but no biggie,it is as good as Empire with an powerful cast and story lines. It’s on hiatus for now but will be back on Starz. for a second season. Give it a look because if you like Empire you’ll really lie Power too.

  23. It’s a darn shame that we are never satisfied. We criticized Good Times and Sanford and Sons. Couldn’t believe that the Jeffersons really could moved on up. Had a hard time believing the Huxtables really existed. I was watching Unsung Hollywood about A Different World and yet again one of the actors said the most Negative remarks came from black folks. It’s only a television show…….Sheesh!

    • Alycia ………I agree with you. Some of the comments made about Empire have been surprising. Black folk are ALWAYS complaining about not having enough people on tv that look like us. Now we have a show full of black folks and written and produced by a BLACK man and we are still complaining. What is most disturbing to me is all the negativity about the gay characters. White people used the Bible for years to justify their ideas and treatment of black folk. people should be the last group of people to demean someone because of their difference.

  24. Timekeeeper on said:

    Gee Ian.
    You mention how dense black people are? then, you mention YOUR law firm, Whoopdeedoo! and the people of color who work there, whatever that is supposed to mean? I mean what do you have them do there, perhaps go out yonder and bust more shiffarob! Sounds to me like they would all be afraid to express themselves with your dynamic and overbearing attitudes which, ( and you probably wont believe this) most of them probably know of your bias whether you’ve overtly expressed it or not.
    Lastly, after all of those insults you mention the eyes of God. Forget about the show Empire, sounds to me your law firm already has one. You!

      • Timekeeeper on said:

        See Ian that is exactly what I am talking about. Your slanderous reference on one breath, and then evoking God in the next one. Not a good policy. As for the show, No, quite frankly I don’t really like it a bit too much gangsta for my own personal tastes. Although I do very much like Taraji Henson, she is quite fine to me, and if I had a bit more game ( and courage ) would probably try asking her out. No, I much prefer softer shows at the end of the work day so it really isn’t for me.
        I simply feel that if you are going to evoke the name of God, and then use slander you need to be called on it. If msconcerned had used one less gee willie wonkers, she would have recognized that. Anyway, I aint mad at you, just want you to chill with the mixed messages, that’s all.

      • @Ian: I’m co-signing for Time. Your comments are hypocritical at best. Oooooh I forgot church folks are perfect!

  25. IanRousseault on said:

    I just simply hate it! The way this travesty portrays black people is a shame before the eyes of God! And don’t give me the BS ‘it’s just entertainment!!!!! It’s 2015 and I can’t believe how dense a LOT of black people are… But at least at my Law Firm, the people of color are appalled at this show and that makes me very Happy!!!!! At least there people are using their brain and are simply disgusted!

    • I agree, I hate the show and how it portrays Blacks in the USA, it is not all about music, videos, murder, etc. We as a people are much more complex than what you see on television.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        It’s Great when you see people actually use their brain! I wish that a lot of people of color felt this way!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        WHY would I ever give you my name and location here in NYC trick???? To have you come here and I would then have to give security permission to beat you down like an animal! No trust me, you’re better off not knowing. Grab your chitterlings, your strawberry kook-aid, hot sauce and head-on back to Harlem!

    • specialt757 on said:

      I thought you worked on wallstreet and traveled the world. How do you even have time to come on this site everyday to spew your hate and distaste of blacks? Oh okay that janitor jobs gives you plenty of time. And another thing, don’t use God’s name in your ridiculous posts, people might think you’re a Christian which is far from the truth. Silly little man.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        LOL!!! If only you knew! I do not hate black people, I am one you simpleton ! And yes I travel a lot, I happen to Love Tom Joyner so I read Black American Web. And yes I am on Wallstreet, and I do some internship at a Law Firm here. You have to keep pushing yourself to be better everyday. I;m sorry that you didn’t have real parents to show you the way…. Good Luck in your Ghettohoodness!

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