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Fresh from the Grammy Awards, Estelle says that she, in part, agrees with Kanye West, who she won a Grammy for Rap/Sung Collaboration with for “American Boy.”

Estelle’s  new album, True Romance, out February 17th should be a another hit for the singer you can always count on for a thoughtful, well-crafted hit. From American Boy to Thank You, the British export has proven she can compete in a crowded field of domestic divas.

“He’s just Kanye,” Estelle laughs. “He’s a passionate guy. I think there’s an element of truth in everything it’s just his perspective of it and people are either going to wildly agree or wildly disagree. It’s just the way he says it.”

Does Estelle herself agree with his views about “real” artists being denied a chance for awards?

“I think the Grammys are a TV show,” Estelle says. “So as a TV show it’s going to be what it is and that means controversy and things people can talk about after the fact. But there’s an element of truth to what he speaks and there’s a respect for the artistry whether it’s the Beck side or the other side. Beck is an incredible artist and he plays what he plays. Everyone has their lane and everyone should be respected in that space. It shouldn’t be more of one than the other. Balance is key and he was talking about balance more than anything else.”

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