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NBA player Lou Williams, the former Sixers player who is now a Toronto Raptor was a trending topic on Black Twitter today. But not because of anything you’d see on Sportscenter. No, the 28-year-old who’s been in the NBA for nine years was trending because it’s alleged that he’s in an open relationship with two women and all three are OK with it, because the women are also dating each other!

Hollywood Take reports:

Lou Williams’ love life is earning him the admiration of basketball fans around the country. The Toronto Raptors guard is reportedly dating two women at the same time, and they are both okay with it. In fact, the two ladies are supposedly girlfriends!

A few months ago, reports surfaced that Lou Williams was dating both Ashley Henderson (whom Williams calls “Blonde”) and Rece Mitchell (nicknamed “Brown”).  While this itself isn’t that bizarre, the story went viral because Henderson and Mitchell are allegedly dating each other, as well. Sources claim that both ladies know about the other’s relationship with Williams, and they often attend events together as a threesome.

Here’s a photo of his alleged girlfriends from Williams’ Instagram account.

Williams has yet to confirm or deny the reports, but feedback from the web says nobody’s mad at him.

Best tweet on the situation:



There’s only one thing we’re sure of – if this is true, Williams can expect a phone call from Mona Scott-Young sometime soon. Get ready for your next reality TV show: Just The Three Of Us. 

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Really! They Dated?
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