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Usher discovered pop superstar Justin Bieber as a child. Now Bieber is 20 years old and has surpassed Usher in success and popularity.

An insider said Usher didn’t think Bieber would outstrip him in success and net worth. For instance, Bieber performs at sold-out arenas and Usher does too, but not at Bieber’s level anymore.

“Justin plays to sold out arenas and he’s just a 20-year-old kid who Usher feels is ungrateful at times. Meanwhile, Usher is on tour and is lucky to play a sold-out show,” an insider exclusively told “Dish Nation.”

The source also said, “it’s not like Usher is upset at Justin’s success, but it’s sort of stuck in his head that Bieber is more famous right now than he is and makes more money.”Speaking of their respective fortunes, Usher’s net worth is still on pop icon level at $180

million while Bieber’s is slightly higher at more than $200 million.

“I saw a future of an artist that was very bright based off of his passion,” Usher told Oprah in 2012 about Bieber. “He was passionate. I saw the potential of success. It was really all left to him…he has the talent, he has the know-how and he also has an incredible mentor.”

Usher loves being a mentor to Bieber as well as on “The Voice.” Yet Bieber is constantly getting opportunities and Usher is trying to stay on that level.

“Does it make Usher a little insecure that his protégé is more successful right now? Sure.

That’s natural. So Usher does have a sense of urgency to keep himself relevant,” the source


Usher still supports Bieber with all of his success and troubles with the law too. “I think the story is just begun, you’ve not seen the best of his talent. In life, you have to go through something to get to something,” he told The Guardian.

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