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Wow. Who knew Monica had aspirations for nursing? Who knew the singer even had time for nursing?

She took to her Instagram and posted a posted a snap of herself in medical gear/scrubs and a caption that spoke of her “other dreams and aspirations” beyond music.

“I have other dreams and aspirations so I Pursue them when my babies are asleep & my musics done!! Moral of the story #WeCanIfWeBelieve never give up on your dreams #YOUCAN #BeenAtWorkSince7yesterday #ThankGODforMyMomAndPa #ScrubsAndAMandatoryThermal #DatHawkBITIN LOL#UKnowItsColdWhenIGetThisPale LOL”

By the way, after one of Monica’s graveyard shifts at the hospital, when got the garage she found a homeless man had taken a nap in her truck! To avoid this in the future, she has advice for her followers:

“Lock your doors when you work the graveyard shift”

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(Photo Source: Instagram)