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Tiny Harris may love the results of her recent eye color change, but Wendy Williams is not with it.

The daytime TV talk show host gave her opinion of the new color on Monday, saying the act itself is as bad as “people who bleach their skin.” Despite her love for Harris as a fan, Williams emphasized that she had to “call it like I mean it here.”

Williams’ reaction comes after Harris recently took to Instagram to announce that she changed the color of her eyes to ice gray in a post that has since been deleted.

“I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it!!” the post read.

Although the eye color change wasn’t something she could get with, Williams did voice her approval in regards to Harris being honest with her fans about her new look.

“At least she was honest about it because the Internet was all the buzz. It makes me love her more that she was honest about this,” Williams said.

To see Wendy go in on Tiny’s new eyes, check out the video above. Williams’ commentary on Harris begins around the 11:20 mark.

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13 thoughts on “Wendy Compares Tiny’s Eye Color Change to ‘Skin Bleaching’ (Watch)

  1. C.A.A. on said:


    You guys live for this crap!!! Fake chest implants versus eyes what the freaking difference??? We are still a lost people.

  2. See, I have no problem with the gray eyes because some blacks are BORN with icy gray eyes. My grandfather had gray eyes so that is still a BLACK trait. Even if Tiny did do something, Wendy is NOT in position to talk. That is like a “ho” judging another “ho” who sleep around. They both are doing the same thing in some way.

  3. I had NO idea that this was possible! How does one get the actual color of their eyes changed?! Why not just wear colored contact lenses? It’s ironic that she went to “Africa” to lighten the color of her eyes.

  4. really. changing anything about you at all for visual reasons is all equal. so i think wendy had some adjustments done so pot calling the kettle?

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