The Oprah Winfrey OWN Network’s wildly popular hit reality show, “Sweetie Pie’s” is reportedly named in a lawsuit that was filed on Tuesday by one of its former employees, Veronica Tate, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Tate, who filed her documents with the U.S. District Court, was employed by the restaurant’s Grove Street location for exactly one week back in October 2012.  The young woman is claiming in the court papers, she was the object of constant unwanted sexual advances from a man named “Ike” who allegedly went as far as to put his hands on her,  bumped in to her, and repeatedly make comments of a sexual nature.

Instead of coming to Tate’s defense, the woman alleges that management only made excuses for her harasser, oftentimes chalking up his lewd behavior to it just being his nature. After lodging a series of complaints against Ike, Tate claims she was told to meet with the company’s business manager, Charles Bussey, who is oftentimes featured on the reality show.  Upon contacting Bussey, however, Tate alleges he offered her a position at one of the chain’s other locations but then never contacted her again to cement the deal.

Consequently, Tate took her complaint initially to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in February of last year.  Tate, whom just filed her lawsuit earlier this week, is reportedly requesting a jury trial.

Sweetie Pie’s is owned Robbie Montgomery (pictured in red), a former backup singer for the famed sixties husband and wife soul duo Ike and Tina Turner.


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17 thoughts on “OWN Network’s ‘Sweetie Pie’ Named In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

  1. Me and my husband went to the LOU just to go to sweetie pies! the food was one of the worst 😦 she puts SUGAR IN ALL DISHES HENCE THE NAME SWEETIE PIES! that lil tidbit was left out on the show, some of the staff on the show was there real cool ppl, coming from LA, the soulfood here is great, we did enjoy our weekend in St. Louis tho, we went to all three locations but only ate at the one on man grove, really disapointed to make that trip only to find out mac and cheese with sugar……..not however I do enjoy the show much continued success to ms robbie, just dont eat the food lol!

  2. seriously on said:

    In regards to Ike, I remember watching an episode, Ms, Robbie did not want Ike at her new restaurants…stating that his nasty and do not have good hygiene…someone I would not want to handle my food, let alone me…I do not like the show…too much ignorant, color purple era no grows etc…Not entertaining. So, I believe it is true…Hell if Ike spoke to me, I would be offended, that is one nasty scrawny pos.

  3. I don’t believe it, I think its a crock, there is no way I believe she talked to Ms. Robbie about this or Tim, they would not have stood for this and would have called Ike on the carpet and gotten rid of him. If this was a regular restaurant and they were broke, she wouldn’t be trying to sue, I think she is full of it. As far as speaking with Mr. Bussey, he doesn’t even handle these types of situations, so go figure.

  4. Lady Peachez' on said:

    KUDOS to you Veronica for not letting these types of people intimidate you!! I believe you and say this simply because after watching 3 episodes of this bullshat show, I could clearly see they have attitude and respect issues and Robbie is a grand part of why they act in the ways they do!!! She herself has no respect for others, so why should the outside people believe something of this magnitude wasn’t bound to happen in “Sweetie Pie’s”??!! I really can’t stand this show or the folks in it….uggggghhhhhh!!!

    For those who are calling you a gold digger….tell their hating azzezz to “Kiss Your Bumper”!!! They’re only calling you that because they themselves are undercover gold diggers!!! Glad you’re doing what you feel is right in this matter, time to exploit ALL who take sexual harassment as a joke!!!!!

  5. The show is a money maker for Oprah. She snatched the show from the previous network TLC. I don’t like the so called new normal reality tv shows, they all display negativity, stupidity, disrespect, loud and bully mentalities. Bring back the sit coms that make you enjoy to watch and laugh/real entertainment.

  6. I agree with Linda and seriously on. Miss Robbie hires ex-offenders including her son Tim. Charles is illiterate, they’re too loud and ghetto starting with the leader Miss Robbie. It’s not cute or okay to curse people out just because your’re the owner, but obviously her staff don’t know any better. None of them have communication skills and talk down to one another. The restaurant on West Flourrissant is close to Ferguson Missouri.

  7. Ok good for her but I watch the show and anyone that is familiar with Charles know he is not the most responsible person. I think she should have went to Tim or Ms Robbie I’m sure she would have been heard. All and all I hope the right thing is done on her behalf and wish her well.

  8. If it’s documented that she lodged a series of complaints then it should’ve been dealt with immediately, not swept under the rug. We’ve seen Miss Robbie curse someone out for less so she should’ve had Ike in her office, (if it was brought to her attention) and fired. So what she’s only been there a week and they’ve known him longer, unwanted sexual attention is still harassment.

  9. seriously on said:

    Sexual harassment is a serious thing and from reading the article, it was sexual harassment and Ike should have been dealt with and not excused for being ignorant. She has a right to defend herself and take legal action, like Ms. Robbie or Tim should have dealt with Ike.

  10. Stop gold digger there is no gold. You did the right thing by quitting. Move on. You just want money because you saw SW tv show. You probably asked for a job there once the reality show aired hoping for fame and fortune. Leave Ms. Robbi alone. Find another job.

    • seriously on said:

      Standing up for yourself is not gold digging. And she should not have been the one to quit her job, Ike should have been dealt with or fired. You are prime example of why women have such a hard time defending themselves, because so many other women are willing to throw other women under the bus…You had not words for his Ike behavior, even though confirmed by their management and business manager…Low brow indeed.

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