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Lifetime won’t be skirting around the issue of Aaliyah’s relationship with R.Kelly in her upcoming biopic!

When news of Lifetime’s Aaliyah movie broke, the R&B singer’s family was not pleased. There was chatter that one of the big reasons they didn’t approve of the project was the possibility that R.Kelly would be featured in the film. It’s a particularly sensitive topic for her family because there has been persistent gossip that they were in a relationship while she was still a minor.

Before she got all up in the mix on “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B,” chat host Wendy Williams was practically salivating at the prospect of the film getting to the bottom with what was really going on with Aaliyah and R.Kelly and delivering some definitive answers on the gossip.

Wendy was so passionate that Lifetime include the juicy subject, it was pretty much a guarantee that it would be included in the movie once she became a producer. She confirmed that the movie will be touching on their involvement. “We let you know what happened with Aaliyah and R. Kelly,” Wendy told the Orlando Sentinel. “Nothing is distasteful. You don’t want to be distasteful, but you need to tell a story.”

Wendy didn’t specify what Lifetime would be showing and what would be excluded, but trust that viewers will be taking notes so they can check it against all of the rumors they’ve heard over the years. Hopefully, R.Kelly and Aaliyah’s alleged wedding will be explored when “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B” airs.


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